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Private Sector Cooperation

How We Engage

Learn about what DCA brings to the table and how we ensure our partnerships contribute to sustainable development.

Our Engagements

Read about our private sector partners and the projects we are implementing.

Why do we engage with the private sector?

Private enterprises across the globe are increasingly aware of their responsibility to contribute to sustainable development and adhere to international standards. Several companies, investors, business associations and other private sector actors all recognise the important insights and expertise that DanChurchAid (DCA) holds.

With local presence in multiple developing countries and strong expertise in sustainable development issues, including climate change, food and agricultural sectors, global value chains, human rights and gender equality, we are an important partner for businesses to meet their sustainability commitments as well as exploring new business opportunities.

DCA engages with businesses of all sizes by offering concrete policy recommendations and initiating partnership opportunities that complement the companies’ objectives and resources. Our objective is to promote more responsible and sustainable business practices and to foster innovative and sustainable business ventures that contribute with value to the business partners as well as vulnerable people and communities.

When working with the private sector, DCA can provide advice on business and human rights, environmental sustainability, and many other issues. We can also provide local insights that are relevant for catalysing business development and new business opportunities. Additionally, DCA engages in strategic partnerships with private corporations to solve complex issues related to local needs and technical challenges, ultimately benefitting both parties. All engagements focus on generating an added value for the business, while supporting the world’s most vulnerable people and communities.

This page elaborates on how we engage with private partners and the principles that underlines all our engagements.

Where are we engaged?

DCA has humanitarian and development activities in 29 countries and local offices in multiple emerging markets, especially in Asia and Africa. Our major private sector engagements have been in Africa, including in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zimbabwe, but partnerships in Asian countries are in the pipeline. In our engagements, DCA also takes advantage of our dual-focus on both the humanitarian and development sectors. This means that we can integrate solutions to humanitarian situations with the long-term needs of the people affected by crisis, for example in relation to income generation and livelihood strengthening for refugees.

Our private sector engagements and expertise are primarily focused on three key sectors:

  • Food and agricultural sector, including the dairy value chain, quinoa production, fresh fruit and vegetables and insect production.
  • Renewables and energy sector, including de-centralised solar-powered systems and wind energy projects
  • ICT and tech innovation, including in relation to cash-transfers, mobile payment solutions and online learning

Read more about our current partnerships.

Alliances, Networks and Long-term Partnerships

Our engagements are conducted in various constellations with both international and local partners. This includes bilateral partnerships with large companies, long-term strategic relations with one or more actors, multi-partner alliances and small or large consortiums. Larger alliances can increase the potential of structural changes and identification of solutions for complex issues, while strategic partnerships allow us to work in-depth with partners, who we believe have substantial potential for positive impacts on the most vulnerable people.


Head of Private Sector Engagement

Gitte Dyrhagen Husager

Phone: +45 33 18 78 53
Mobile: +45 40 75 40 90
Mail: gdhu@dca.dk
Twitter: @gittedyrhagen

Business and Human Rights Advisor

Roya Høvsgaard

Mobile: +45 33 18 78 99
Mail: razh@dca.dk
Twitter: @RoyaAmanda