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Transparency and Accounting

100 Years of DanChurchAid

DanChurchAid celebrates its 100th anniversary as the oldest aid organisation originating in Denmark. Over the last 100 years, we have evolved from a volunteer missionary entity into a global organisation. As described in the 2021 Annual Report, the need for our international efforts and our work to raise support in Denmark has never been greater. In 2021, we provided aid to more than 5 million people in dire straits.

The centenary occurs at a time when there is once again war in Europe, just as it was the case when

DanChurchAid was formed after the devastation of World War I. We never envisaged DanChurchAid again having to provide humanitarian aid to millions of victims of war in Europe. Nevertheless, the Russian invasion has imposed a reality in which we must work together with our local partners in Ukraine.

We are witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe in Europe and an assault on the principles of human rights and democracy that were instituted in the wake of World War I and World War II. DanChurchAid is fighting for those fundamental principles all over the world, and those principles are the foundation making it possible to work together to create a world that is more sustainable.

Over time, we have excelled at navigating change, and we have been rewarded for it by Danish and international donors and by the Danish population. We have succeeded because of our dedicated employees and solid popular support. DanChurchAid is not seeking to grow for the sake of growing, but rather the need for our aid keeps increasing in an ever more complex world.

Working in the World’s Hotspots

DanChurchAids international work is primarily concentrated in 19 countries. Of the received grants, 47 pct. goes to Africa, 28 pct. goes to North Africa/Middle East, 17 pct. goes to Asia, the remaining is distributed to projects outside the 19 countries.

In 2021, our three largest programme countries were South Sudan with a total of DKK 101.6 million, Syria with a total of DKK 83.5 million, and Zimbabwe with a total of DKK 76.7 million.

In South Sudan, DanChurchAid assists internally displaced people from the civil war by providing food and support to smallholders, mine clearing etc.

In Syria, DanChurchAid – as one of the few international NGOs – has access to areas under Kurdish control. Here, we distribute cash, provide protection to internally displaced Syrians, clear unexploded ordnance and land mines from villages and fields, and help rebuild local communities.

In Zimbabwe, the population has been seriously affected by the socio-economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in particular unemployment, poverty, and hunger. In rural areas, we work to ensure water supply for destitute farms that have suffered from years of drought.

DanChurchAid works in some of the most conflict-ridden and politically unstable countries in the world. We provide humanitarian aid, financial support, work with climate adaption, as well as educate the civilian population to protect them from landmines etc.

Invaluable Support from the Danish Population

In 2021, the total turnover from the DanChurchAid secondhand shops and from fundraising was DKK 165.0 million. This excellent result was achieved despite the on-going COVID-19 pandemic which has hampered many activities, mainly forcing the shutdown of the secondhand shops for two months and preventing our country wide door-todoor parish collection for the second year in a row.

The two-month shutdown of the secondhand shops affected both the economy but also the many volunteers who once again were deprived of participating in the community. Many volunteers came up with creative ways to keep sales going by setting up digital shops and selling door to door with safe distance. And when the shops were able to reopen, customers flocked in.

In 2021, Denmark opened another Wefood store. Thanks to financial support from the Salling Foundation and with the support of Y’s Men Region Denmark and the members of the organisations 150 clubs, DanChurchAid was able to open a large new Wefood store in Aalborg. This was celebrated by the creation of the world’s longest Tree Log cake made from surplus food items. All six Wefood stores sold a record number of items in 2021. A total of 417 tonnes of food were saved from being discarded, and the total profit from our secondhand shops and the Wefood stores was DKK 29.5 million.

The profits from the 2021 Danish Advent Calendar for Children went to DanChurchAid projects in the Turkana region of Kenya, which, among other things, support children school attendance. Danish children had the opportunity to learn about Kenya through educational material supplied by Danida, and in partnership DanChurchAid developed a free digital universe targeted at school children and families with children.

We are committed to engaging the Danish population – regardless of age, geographical location, and political stripe – in a more sustainable everyday life. Among other things, we offer concrete climate action in our secondhand shops and Wefood stores, where we fight to minimise food waste.

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At DanChurchAid, we strive for financial robustness, efficiency and flexibility as well as development and growth. We wish to be an attractive partner for institutional donors and a credible aid organisation for private donors. Our goal is to contribute in a positive manner to the local communities in which we work. A low administration percentage ensures that most of our income goes to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

The administration percentage in 2021 was 4.4 pct., 0.7 pct. lower than in 2020 (5.1 pct.). This lower level is due primarily to a higher level of income in 2021, which was not accompanied by a corresponding increase in administration costs.

Profit and loss of the year

The profit for 2021 amounts to DKK 15.4 million. The positive result is primarily due to higher income from institutional donors, higher administrative contributions and fewer selffinanced operating expenditures than expected. The profit for the year is added to the equity, and as of 31 December 2021, the equity amounted to

DKK 150.5 million, thus positively contributing to our financial robustness.

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