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DanChurchAid in Uganda

DCA engages with vulnerable individuals and communities in Uganda to better overcome and protect against shocks and disasters. We work to ensure that people’s basic needs are met in times of crisis and walk with them on the journey towards sustainable and green livelihoods and equal rights.

Main activities

Main activities 

DCA Uganda primarily works in three thematic areas, with a strong focus on women and youth.

Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus 

The Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus programme supports refugees, displaced persons, and refugee hosting communities to access immediate lifesaving assistance and to participate in long-term, development interventions for self-reliance and sustainable livelihoods.

The main interventions include cash transfers, Financial Inclusion (linking Village Savings and Loans Associations to financial institutions), supporting agricultural value chains, including equitable access to markets, and promoting energy and environment conservation. This is in addition to promoting peaceful co-existence between refugees and host communities.

Build Resilience 

DCA Uganda supports marginalized women, men and youths increased access to land and other natural resources in a climate and environmentally responsible way. The aim is to enable the marginalized groups to improve their income and food security, as well as to build economic, social, and environmental resilience.

Key interventions include advocacy on land rights and pro-poor land policies, as well as supporting improved production and productivity of agricultural value chains, inclusive access to markets, and effective private sector engagement. This is in addition to promoting climate resilience and agro-ecology, disaster risk reduction, green livelihoods, financial inclusion, and youth empowerment (skilling).

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Fighting Extreme Inequality 

DDCA Uganda works with partners to ensure that marginalised persons participate in and influence decision-making processes and hold duty bearers accountable in upholding human rights and in securing equitable and sustainable development. Key interventions include advocacy on Gender Justice and Social Justice, peaceful co-existence, social cohesion and inclusion, Social Accountability, and Business and Human Rights. 

DCA Uganda in numbers

3 offices (Kampala, Yumbe and Arua)

22 local partners faith based and secular as well as private companies

95 employees

72,700 direct beneficiaries reached in 2020 (48% were male, 52% female)

6,692,029.27 turnover 2020 (USD)


DCA operations in Uganda are supported by Danida, the European Union, European Union Humanitarian Aid, UNHCR, ActAlliance, Global Focus, World Resources Institute and others.

Contact DanChurchAid in Uganda

DanChurchAid Uganda Office
Human Rights House

John Kiyingi Road, Nsambya

P.O Box 11027, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 392 265 594 (office)

Email: info-uganda@dca.dk

Country Director
Anders Bastholm Hansen