A founding principle

©Sofia Wraber

Local Partnerships
We work together with Local Partner from Civil Society to ensure sustainable development.   

Global Alliances
We are part of ACT Alliance because we think that we are stronger together than separate. 

International Networks
We are a part of different networks because we believe in knowledge sharing and learning. 

International Donors
We get more than a third of our global turnover from International donors. See a list. 

Partnership is a founding principle of DCA – not just a way of working but fundamental to our values and identity. We work closely with faith-based and other civil society partners, and break new ground in our partnerships to make the greatest possible difference in the world.

Our emphasis on working in partnerships is our most important comparative advantage to make the changes we wish to see in the world. Global changes and increasingly complex conflicts require new types of partnerships and that we are innovative and open towards entering into new ways of working in partnerships, alliances, and networks.

Our fundamental belief in partnerships, constructive dialogue and cooperation also means that DCA works together with many stakeholders other than civil society partners. These include universities, private businesses, donors, and national authorities.