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DanChurchAid in Malawi

DCAs joint work with Norwegian Church Aid in Malawi focuses on three topics: Gender-Based Violence, Climate Smart Economic Empowerment and Fighting Inequality.

Main activities

Who we are

Starting from January 2021, Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and Dan Church Aid (DCA) in Malawi joined forces to create a Joint Country Programme (JCP). The JCP strategy is an opportunity for both NCA and DCA to maximise the potential of our combined capacities and resources to further the rights of those in Malawi who are poor and marginalised.

The new Joint Country Strategy rests firmly on the International strategies of both NCA and DCA, joint years of programming in Malawi, evaluation reflections of both country programmes, and thorough discussions in the strategy process. JCP Malawi is guided by the following vision: ‘A just, accountable and inclusive Malawian society’

What we do

NCA DCA JCP Malawi will continue to strengthen civil society actors and spaces to contribute to an equal, respectful, and inclusive society that allows women, men, girls and boys to live healthy, dignified lives and to claim their rights.

Together with Malawian civil society organisations and other partners, the Joint Country Strategy 2021-2024 addresses the following long-term development programmes:

  • Gender-Based Violence (GBV)
  • Fighting Inequality (FI)
  • Climate Smart Economic Empowerment (CSEE)

Humanitarian response

JCP Malawi humanitarian work comprises of an increased capacity to respond to humanitarian crises with high quality services to save lives, alleviate suffering and protect human dignity.

There is an opportunity for growth in local resilience and bridging the gap in the humanitarian-development nexus through emergency preparedness and response planning. This ensures appropriate, timely, effective, and coordinated response to crises when they occur.

Long term development

JCP Malawi enables people to climb out of poverty and build community resilience by tackling the issues of inequality, lack of employment opportunities and gender-based violence.

DCA Malawi in numbers

13 partners

14 projects implemented

16 employees (15 locals and 1 expat)

290,299 beneficiaries in 2020

4,005,000 EUR turnover in 2020


DCA operations in Malawi are supported by Danida, European Union, Danmarks Indsamling, PSI, Irish Aid, CERF, the Permanent Mission of Denmark to the UN and the Danish population.

Contact DanChurchAid in Malawi

Joint Country Programme NCA-DCA
Area 13, plot 40, 1st Floor,
Lilongwe, Malawi

Phone: +265 887006236

Country Director
Stefan Jansen