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DanChurchAid in Libya

DCA works with the vulnerable communities, saving lives through the clearance of unexploded remnants of war, strengthening their resilience through psychosocial support, and reducing inequality by championing the rights of women, children, and persons with disabilities

Main activities

DCA Libya’s work is a mix of directly implemented and partner implemented projects. The programme’s activities are wide-ranging and focussed on the humanitarian-development-peace nexus.   

Humanitarian Response

The clearance of explosive remnants of war (ERW) from residential housing, schools and hospitals, utility supply and land used for food production support’s the return of displaced families, enables safe access to education and medical treatment, as well as aiding the reconnection of water and electricity supplies, and enables farmers to grow and harvest much needed locally produced food in safety.

DCA’s ERW clearance in particular links humanitarian to development, as survey and clearance of critical infrastructure by the programme supports the projects of UN agencies and other INGO’s, enabling them to implement without risk of injury or fatality.    

Building Resilience

Most if not all of Libya’s population have been affected by the last 10 years of conflict and the programme’s psychosocial support activities help alleviate trauma and increase wellbeing, particularly amongst women and children.  

The programme also implements Non-food Item (NFI) Distribution projects for quick impact and especially related to WaSH. Recently the programme delivered much needed hand sanitizers detergent and disinfectants, plus mops and brushes to schools and medical centres. Further supplies of medical waste bins, latex gloves and over 2000 face masks have helped restore much depleted stocks in hospitals.  

Fighting Extreme Inequality

The programme has long been the champion and promoter of the rights of all people, but specifically Women, Youth, Children, and persons of disability. We work with the marginalized and advocate for their rights and the social and economic inclusion of those who have suffered life changing injuries from the explosive remnants of war. In the last year the programme trained 70 medical professionals in contemporary method of victim rehabilitation and reintegration.

To further promote inclusion of more women in the humanitarian sector in Libya, the programme recently recruited and trained its first ‘All-female’ ERW survey and clearance team.  

Overall, the programme’s activities enable IDP’s to make a dignified return, with safe access to water and electricity, for their children to go to school and for them to access healthcare, living a more stable and peaceful life.  

DCA Libya in numbers

4 offices

172 employees

120,344 beneficiaries in 2021


DCA operations in Libya are supported by European Union, US State Department (PM/WRA), UK Government (CSSF), Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hungarian Inter Church Aid

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