© Yilmaz Polat Ung pige poserer med hænderne bag hovedet op ad blå mur. Illustration: Folkekirkens Nødhjælp.


We support the world's poorest in their struggle for a dignified life

In 2022, DanChurchAid and its 204 partners assisted in total 34 million people – including approximately 4 million directly and 30 million indirectly. This was enabled by the highest level of income in the organisation’s history reaching 981.6 million DKK.

DCA delivers much-needed assistance in different parts of the world affected by multiple, overlapping crises.

In Denmark, DCA works to engage individuals, partners and stakeholders by sharing values and offering meaningful opportunities to make a difference on a daily basis.

  • DCA is committed to delivering relevant assistance to people in greatest need.
  • DCA regularly monitors and collects information to understand the effect of its assistance.
  • DCA continuously draws lessons from its evaluations to better guide the design and implementation of its programmes and projects around the world.
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