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DanChurchAid & Norwegian Church Aid in Ukraine

As joint country programme DCA/NCA supports local organisations and community-led responses to humanitarian needs in Ukraine and ensures the safety of Ukrainians through demining and explosive ordnance risk education.

Main activities

DCA/NCAs work in Ukraine is centered around two strategic goals: To save lives and build resilient communities. DCA/NCA Ukraine works with survivor and community-led response, infrastructure reestablishment, protection and Humanitarian Mine Action to meet the local humanitarian needs of Ukrainians suffering under the Russian invasion.

Implementing our projects in collaboration with Ukrainian partner organisations, DCA/NCAs activities in Ukraine consists of four main actions for now:

Community-led response to crisis

DCA/NCA work together with locally led community groups, initiatives, and organisations, providing them with flexible small grants to implement small projects on the ground across Ukraine.

These projects meet the direct needs of people on the ground in communities affected by the war in various ways ranging from providing vulnerable citizens with food, to helping local shelters with furniture and other items for them to host IDPs throughout the winter. Working with survivor and community-led responses (SCLR) is in line with DCA/NCAs firm commitment to localisation.

DCA/NCAs work with SCLR contributes to DCA/NCAs overall goal of building resilient communities.

Multipurpose cash assistance

DCA/NCA has been supporting our ACT Alliance sister organisation Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) in strengthening their capacity and setting up their organisation to implement multipurpose cash assistance (MPCA). Together, HIA and DCA/NCA support internally displaced persons (IDPs) through MPCA in areas recently liberated from Russian occupation. HIA further provides in-kind distributions of food, sanitary and hygiene products, and shelter to IDPs.

DCA/NCAs work with MPCA contributes to DCA/NCAs overall goal of saving lives.

Humanitarian Mine Action

DCA/NCA Ukraine’s humanitarian mine action activities aim to increase the safety of communities exposed to mines and other explosive remnants of war through a wide range of trainings, information materials and activities, survey and clearance activities. DCA/NCA is currently undertaking the mapping of areas impacted by explosive ordnance and, in partnership with the State Emergency Service Ukraine, we are ensuring the safe disposal or demolition of explosive remnants of war.

As a direct result of DCA/NCAs information activities, there will be a significant increase in knowledge of the dangers of explosive remnants of war and a decrease in injuries and fatalities. The knowledge on safe behaviour in areas with risks of explosive ordnance will minimise the number of accidents, injuries and deaths caused by improper handling of explosives. It will furthermore facilitate the safe return of internally displaced people and help promote safe reconstruction of communities damaged in battle.

Along with mine and battle area survey and clearing, information activities are achieving DCA/NCAs overall strategy of saving lives.

Legal support

We utilise our Ukrainian partner Right to Protection’s local expertise in the areas of legal support for people who have had to flee their homes in parts of Ukraine most affected by fighting, or who are in other ways affected by the Russian invasion. Together with Right 2 Protection, DCA/NCA provides free legal support to conflict-affected people and internally displaced people in de-occupied communities of Ukraine’s North as well as establishing cooperation with local authorities, law enforcement agencies, and free legal aid organisations in order to strengthen cooperation and coordination among different institutions in target regions.

DCA/NCA Ukraine in numbers

2 offices (Kyiv and Mykolaiv)

8 partners

95 staff

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