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Doing Business with DCA

Are you a provider of quality goods and services?

DCA wishes to attract offers from suppliers and service providers of quality goods and services at competitive prices. We ask that companies we do business with meet the ethical requirements in the DCA Code of Conduct for Contractors and the DCA General Terms and Conditions for SupplyService and Works contracts.

Like DCA, our contractors successfully operate within a complex and changing relief and development environment. Are these terms agreeable, we look forward to receiving your offer. For questions, please contact the Procurement and Logistics unit at contractor@dca.dk.

Award criteria

Contracts are the result of transparent competitive procedures in local, regional or international markets. DCA and implementing partners treat suppliers and candidates equally and fairly and the procurement committee evaluates offers based on the principle of best value for money. Consequently, contracts are awarded to the supplier or candidate offering the lowest price while being substantially responsive and technically compliant.