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DCAs vision

DanChurchAid has a vision of a world without hunger, poverty and oppression, in which popular and political powers constantly work strongly and actively for a just and sustainable distribution and use of the earth’s resources.

DCAs core

DanChurchAid supports the poorest of the world in their struggle for a dignified life and helps those whose lives are threatened. We provide emergency relief in disaster-stricken areas and long-term development assistance in poor regions - to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

Our work derives from Christian values. We show active compassion, share with the world’s poorest, and help those in need. We act courageously when injustice is committed against people and when human rights are violated.

The situation of each individual is the starting point for our work, with respect for human rights and equality. We engage with popular and political forces, and seek to influence decision makers to improve conditions for the poorest.

We work closely with faith-based and other partners, and break new ground in our partnerships to make the greatest possible difference in the world.

We show leadership and maintain our 100 years of tradition for action and innovation. By experimenting and testing new ways of working with volunteers, donors and partners, we help people in poverty and distress to find a better life and have hope for a better world.

Our Values

Compassionate: We respect and welcome differences and are obligated to help others. We walk that extra mile with people in need and encourage dialogue whenever possible. We work hard to ensure that people have equal rights and are treated equally.

Proactive: We create positive change by taking action when needed. We create space for innovation and are constantly curious on new ways of working. We seek engagement with others to break new ground.

Responsible: We are transparent and accountable in all actions and create sustainable solutions. We inspire trust by leading by example with integrity. We consider the bigger picture and develop solutions that will provide sustainable and effective aid work.

Respectful: We respect the wishes and preferences of the people we help and act with fairness in all activities. We learn from our colleagues and partners to strengthen our organisation.

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DanChurchAid Factsheet

This is how we work

Partnership and means

We cooperate with numerous local partners, other national and church organisations as well as international networks.

We are a part of the ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together) – an alliance that consists of more than 100 churches and humanitarian organisations across the world. Together, we make up one of the world’s five largest NGOs.

ACT Alliance works with development, humanitarian assistance and advocacy in more than 120 countries.

DanChurchAid is an independent organisation. Our work is financed via fundraising campaigns, contributions from individuals, companies and funds from the Danish government (Danida), the UN, EU and other bilateral donors.

Our results
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Strategy & goals
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Organisational structure
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