Another good year

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Income for the year

Total income inclusive of financial income (net) of DanChurchAid amounted to DKK 691.5m in 2017, which is DKK 105.1m more than in 2016 and DKK 41.4m more than in the record-setting year 2015. Income contributed to our work by the Danish people amounted to DKK 170.3m while grants from Danida, the EU and other international contributors totalled DKK 513.4m.

Development and Humanitarian aid (85.1%)

Our activities and efforts in 2017, which covered all focus areas, increased by DKK 122.3m to DKK 577.7m compared to 2016.

Development projects increased by DKK 63.8m to DKK 272.2m, and humanitarian emergency aid projects increased by DKK 43.6m to DKK 180.4m, as well as humanitarian mine clearance activities rose by DKK 14.8m to DKK 125.1m. Overall, the primary focus has been on priorities such as humanitarian emergency aid, humanitarian mine clearance, disaster prevention as regards food safety, protection of democratic values, HIV and AIDS, as well as various other international activities.

From a geographic perspective, Africa continues to be the continent in which DanChurchAid has the highest level of activity, with expenses totalling DKK 336.8m, equal to 58.3% of our total relief efforts.

Our activities have been centered on the following countries:

South Sudan, where a total of DKK 114.7m has been spent primarily on disaster relief and humanitarian mine clearance activities; Ethiopia, where DKK 75.9m has been spent mainly on disaster prevention as regards food safety and climate change; Uganda, Malawi and Zimbabwe, where DKK 34.9m, DKK 25.2m and DKK 25.1m, respectively, has been spent mostly on disaster prevention as regards food safety and climate change, protection of democratic values, as well as HIV and AIDS.

For the Middle East, we recorded the second highest activity totalling DKK 101.1m, or 17.5%. Most activities took place in the West Bank/Gaza (DKK 27.2m), where activities were aimed at protecting democratic values; Lebanon (DKK 25.8m) and in Syria (DKK 19.4m), where activities were aimed at providing disaster relief and humanitarian mine clearance.

For Asia, we spent DKK 89.1m, or 15.4%. Our activities were highly concentrated in the following countries: Myanmar, Nepal and Cambodia, where DKK 26.7m, DKK 22.9m and DKK 17.4m, respectively, was spent, focusing on the protection of democratic values, disaster relief and humanitarian mine clearance activities, and disaster prevention as regards food safety and climate change. Further, we spent DKK 44.8m (7.8%) on global activities.

Information and fundraising (9.0%)

In 2017, expenses for information and fundraising activities totalled DKK 62m, down DKK 1m on 2016.

Expenses of DKK 50.1m were spend in connection with fundraising activities such as the annual Parish Collection campaign, continued focus on new ways of fundraising including the recruitment of donors, the campaigns “Face2Face” and “Give a Goat” (gift catalogue), central logistics operations (inventories) relating to secondhand clothes and the operation of second hand shops and the Wefood shops – sale of surplus food.

DKK 11.9m was spent on information activities such as the publication of the newsletter “Magasinet”, the campaign “Det er dansk at dele” and press work in general. Of the DKK 11.9m, DKK 3.3m was financed externally by, among others, Danida with DKK 1.7m for project-related information activities and the Timbuktu Foundation with DKK 0.5m.

Secretarial costs (5.9%)

In 2017, specific expenses in connection with the secretariat in Copenhagen, and the operation of the regional offices in our focus countries amounted, after the secretarial expenses related to programmes and projects is transferred through time recording to the relevant activities, to DKK 40.5m in 2017, compared to DKK 53.9m in 2016 and a decrease of DKK 13.4m. The decline in the total expenses can mainly be attributed to the fact that, due to time registration, costs have been allocated to the relevant activities, which could more than offset an approximate 7% increase in costs related to the significantly increasing activity level.

Administration percentage

The administration rate was 8.2%, which is slightly lower than in 2016 (8.3%). The administration rate is calculated as the administrative expenses spent at the DanChurchAid headquarters proportionately to the total income. The administration percentage is higher than the net percentage of secretarial costs, as it has been possible for some of the administrative expenses, included in secretarial costs, to be covered by and transferred to relevant activities.

Profit for the year

Profit for the year was DKK 5.7m, which is transferred to equity in order to improve the financial strength of DanChurchAid as an organisation and a collaborative partner.