Council & Board

DanChurchAid is governed by a Council comprising approx. 30 members representing important stakeholders around DanChurchAid.

The Council is the supreme governing body of the organisation with responsibility for DanChurchAid’s vision, values and overall objectives and strategy.

Seven of DanChurchAid's Board members are appointed by the Council. Council members cf. the statutes (with*: also Board members):

Council chair

Peter Skov-Jakobsen
Bishop, Copenhagen Diocese

Council vice-chair

Hannelise Tvedt
Leader, The Salvation Army in Denmark

Chosen by the church of Denmark council on interchurch relations (§10,2)

Marianne Christiansen

Chosen by the diocesan committee on interchurch relations (§10,3)

Diocesan Committee/Funen:
Helga Halck Højsager

Diocesan Committee/Haderslev
Jette Groth

Diocesan Committee/Helsingør:
Otto Rühl

Diocesan Committee/Copenhagen:
Lars Karmark Obel

Diocesan Committee/Lolland-Falster:
Susan Rasmussen

Diocesan Committee/Ribe:
Karen-Lena Randrup

Diocesan Committee/Roskilde:
Kristian Gylling

Diocesan Committee/Viborg:
Grete Bækgaard Thomsen

Diocesan Committee/Aalborg:
Henning Thomsen*

Diocesan Committee/Aarhus:
Marianne Rolander

Chosen by the danish missionary council (§10,4)

Peter Blum Samuelsen
Head of secretariat

Chosen by the national council of churches in Denmark (§10,5)

Maria Andersen
The Salvation Army

Ulla Pinborg
The Catholic church

Pia Duebjerg Andersen
The Baptist Church in Denmark

Chosen by and from among emolyees at Danchurchaid (§10,6)

Birthe Juel Christensen
Senior Adviser, Church & Popular Relations, DCA

Chosen by and from among danish partners (§10,7)

Silkeborg Folk High School 
Jacob Zakarias Eyermann

Nørre Nissum Efterskole (independent boarding school)
Solvej Gasseholm Bang*

FDF (a Christian organisation for children and youth in Denmark)
Morten Skrubbeltrang
General Secretary

KFUM & K (YMCA /YWCA Denmark)
Gritt Rhinstrøm 

Chosen by and from among Danchurchaid donors (§10,8)

Anders Palstrøm

Jørgen Bengtsson


Knud Mogensen
CEO, buy aid group A/S

Chosen by and from among volunteers working in Danchurchaid's second-hand shops (§10,10)

Gunnar Toftlund Jensen

Karl-Gustav Kruckenberg
Head of Office

Chosen by and from Danchurchaid's appeals co-ordinators (§10,11)

Hans Jørgen Hansen
News editor

Karin Horsted Berg

Chosen by and from among participants in Danchurchaid's voluteer programmes abroad and Danchurchaid youth (§10,12)

Louise Mortensen

Chosen by Danchurchaid's member club (§10,13)


Chosen by and from Danchurchaid's senior volunteers (§10,14)

Poul Møller Petersen

Chosen by the council (§10,15)



The Board is responsible for the political management of the organization in close cooperation with the operational Senior Management of DanChurchAid.

Board members are also members of the Council, cf. §  10, stk. 16.

Paul Mollerup, chair
Managing Director of The Association of Danish Law Firms

Solvej Gasseholm Bang, vice-chair
Teacher, Nørre Nissum Efterskole (independent boarding school)

Søren Christian Madsen, treasurer
Managing Director of JPS Clemens

Birthe Juel Christensen, DCA employee representative
Senior Consultant, Popular and Church Relations, DanChurchAid

Henning Thomsen
Chief consultant, Rambøll Management

Kirsten Smedegaard Andersen
Board member of United World Colleges, Danes Worldwide and Danish Center for Asthmatic Children

Jesper Lindholm
Lecturer at the Department of Law at Aalborg University, member of The Danish Refugee Appelas Board, Vice-chair the Board of The Danish Institute of Human Rights

Mogens Mogensen
Chairman of The Council on International Relations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, Freelance consultant

Christoffer Rubæk Steiro
Special adviser

Anne Mette Kjær
Associate Professor  
Department of Political Science, University of Aarhus