Results 2017

We support the poorest of the world in their struggle for a dignified life

577,6 million DKK sent to humanitarian assistance and long term development work and reached 3.3 million people in need.

402,414 people benefitted from Risk Education.

117,071 people reported an increase in income because of improvements in the agricultural system.

In 2017 DanChurchAid sent 577,6 million DKK to humanitarian assistance and long term development work and helped 3.3 million people in need.

Our work is financed by donations from private persons, businesses, funds and collections, and by grants from among others Danida (the official Danish development aid), the EU, UN organisations and other international funds.

In 2017, DCA’s total income was 691,5 million DDK. Danida provided 215,5 million DKK for the international work, and the EU and international foundations and donors provided 297,9 million

The Danish public donated 169,4 million DKK to our work among the world’s poorest.

Our humanitarian assistance and long term development work was carried out by 768 staff members together with 173 professionals, local partners in 26 of the world’s poorest countries. 

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The focus of DCA’s work is to:

  • Save lives
  • Build resilient communities
  • Fight extreme inequality

We work together with hundreds of local partners around the world and in Denmark we engage people and give them an opportunity to act together with us for the benefit of the world's poorest. 

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Selected results

In drought stricken parts of Ethiopia we set up central water depots and supported drought stricken families with feed and veterinary visits so the best breeding stock could be kept alive. More than 100,000 people were helped by our drought assistance.

In five districts in Malawi, our focus on the right of women to own land has increased the number of female landowners from 8 in 2016 to 335 in 2017. Also in Malawi, 2,941 women saved 402,890 DKK in savings and loan groups.

We cleared and released 612,402 m2 of land (corresponding to about 86 football pitches) which has resulted in improved access to farming, water and infrastructure in DR Congo, Lebanon, Libya and South Sudan.

In South Sudan we supported the establishment of peace and development groups where 300 leaders trained 9,000 people in conflict resolution and peaceful co-existence, including within families.