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Empowering Women and Building Peace in South Sudan

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The Issue

Juba County, situated in South Sudan’s Central Equatoria State, stands as the largest county in the state, encompassing the capital city of Juba. Despite experiencing relative economic growth, Juba County grapples with persistent conflict and displacement. In 2023, ongoing challenges included conflict-related displacement, with over 75,000 internally displaced persons and 51,000 returnees recorded by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Efforts to promote peaceful co-existing, gender equality, respect for human rights, and protection from gender-based violence and abuse remain critical in addressing the challenges faced by communities in the county.

The Project

Together with the South Sudanese NGO Women for Change (WfC), DCA has initiated activities to address the complex issues facing Juba County. Through a series of workshops, training sessions, and awareness campaigns, the intervention seeks to empower the communities of Luri and Rejaf.

Together with community members, WfC maps existing services to victims of gender-based violence, updates operating procedures, and conducts training on human rights and citizenship. WfC also facilitates psychosocial sessions and Gender-Based Violence awareness training, promoting community dialogue on violence against women.

For economic empowerment, WfC recruits and trains participants in skills like shampoo making, tailoring, and poultry farming. They provide startup kits, support vocational courses, and purchase chicks and machines. Kitchen gardening training complements the different livelihood efforts.

Through the commemoration of significant days, WfC fosters advocacy and unity. They organise events like the 16 Days of Activism, World Environment Day, International Women’s Day, and International Day of the Girl Child. Thereby, they promote gender equality, environmental conservation, and intergenerational dialogue.

Lastly, WfC promotes peace and conflict resolution through a Sports for Peace tournament, training sessions, and a project closure meeting. Altogether, these activities aim to foster resilience, empower communities, and pave the way for a brighter future in Juba County.

The Change

The overall expected result of the intervention is to foster general community empowerment, address gender-based violence, promote economic opportunities, and build a culture of peace and advocacy within the target communities of Luri and Rejaf in South Sudan.

Through the planned activities, participants gain a deeper understanding of their rights and are better equipped to address issues like gender-based violence. At the same time, participants also receive startup kits and support for vocational courses to enable community members to generate income and improve their livelihoods.

Additionally, by commemorating significant days and organizing events, the project promotes advocacy, gender equality, and environmental conservation, fostering a sense of unity and empowering community members to become agents of change. Ultimately, by fostering dialogue and understanding, the project aims to create a more peaceful and harmonious community environment.

Our Partner

DCA works with Women for Change (WfC) to implement the project. WfC is a national, non-governmental organization that was founded in 2016 by a group of South Sudanese women from diverse backgrounds. The founders all shared a common goal of supporting the well-being and economic stability of widows, school dropouts, and children. WfC is a women- and child-centred organization that is driven by the humanitarian principles. It is committed to implementing programs that promote general protection, Gender Based Violence protection, child protection, sexual and reproductive health, education, advocacy, peacebuilding, conflict management, and sustainable livelihood programs. Since its inception in 2016, WfC’s interventions have impacted over 300,000 women, children, and their families across the four states of Central and Eastern Equatoria, Western Bahr el Gazel, and Warrap.

Our Work

DCA South Sudan provides inclusive humanitarian and development assistance to the most vulnerable individuals and communities in areas affected by disasters and emergencies caused by conflict and climate change. We work to build safer communities through humanitarian mine action and explosive ordnance risk education in local communities and schools.

About the project

Full title: Integrated Community Empowerment and Advocacy Project

Period: January 2024 – December 2024

Partners: Women for Change (WfC)

Funding: DKK 1,361,693

Expected number of people reached: 14,000

Main Donor: Danida

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