Landmine and cluster munition clearance – Mount Lebanon

DCA clears landmines and cluster munitions in Lebanon, and has currently cleared over eight square kilometres of land.

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DCA’s mine action projects aim to increase access to cleared land for socio-economic development in priority areas through clearance of landmines and other unexploded ordnance in affected communities in Mount Lebanon and the South Governate.

This contributes to Lebanon’s vision, presented in Lebanon’s 2020–2025 mine action strategy. Although Lebanon isn’t a signatory to the Mine Ban Treaty, the Lebanese Mine Action Programme works within the spirit of the treaty.

Mine and cluster munition clearance not only reduces the risk of harm from explosion, but it also releases previously contaminated land back to communities for socio-economic development. In the context of rising demands from the local and refugee population, this is key to supporting the poorest people in Lebanon make a living to support their families. DCA has cleared over eight square kilometres of residential and agricultural land contaminated. This is equivalent to more than 1,200 football pitches. DCA also undertakes Non-Technical Survey in Mount Lebanon to gather data on the remaining contamination and its socio-economic impact, freeing up land faster and more efficiently.

About the project

Period: 01/09/20 – 31/08/22

Budget: 2,117,403 USD

Donor: US State Department (PM/WRA)

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