Community and Survivor-led Response

Community and Survivor-led Response

Crisis response led by affected communities

In this project DCA, alongside its national partner JORD, supports inclusive and representative protection groups with addressing protection needs while strengthening resilience for their communities.

Following numerous meetings between refugees, internal displaced people and the host-community, volunteer protection groups generate ideas for initiatives that could respond to the risks and needs of their community. Based on the agreed priorities and actions, JORD gives the volunteers access to their own budget. This enables the volunteer groups to independently address the risks and needs of their communities.

These initiatives are improving access to basic services such as water, health and school facilities while strengthening safety networks and social cohesion within the community.

The project is targeting Syrian refugees, internal displaced people and host-communities equally.

About the project

Period: 1st July 2020 – 31st December 2021

Budget: 800,000 SEK, 200,000 DKK

Donors: Church of Sweden and DCA

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