Shelter before project implementation in Syria

Emergency Shelter and Psycho-social Support to Displaced People in Ar-Raqqa

Addressing essential needs of displaced and conflict affected communities by providing quality tents and Psychosocial Support

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The Issue

Syria continues to be one of the most complex crises in the world, with an estimated 14.6 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. The situation in Northeast Syria (NES) is particularly concerning; in 2021, 1.8 million people remain in need of humanitarian support, as a result of displacements, conflict, inflation, and economic uncertainty.

Further exacerbating the conditions of vulnerable communities is the dire economic situation including currency fluctuations, compounded by COVID-19 restrictions and unpredictable border closures, resulting in limited access to income.

The Project

The proposed action aims to address the immediate, essential needs of displaced and conflict affected communities in Northeast Syria (NES), through the provision and installation of quality tents and psychosocial support.

The proposed project forms part of DCA’s ongoing humanitarian programme in NES, which focuses on providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable internally displaced people, returnees, and host communities, preventing and mitigating threats to their physical security, building on their resiliencies to cope with conflict-related trauma and prolonged stress, and providing immediate assistance to cover their basic needs and enable early recovery.

The Change

The project aims to reinforce the wellbeing, dignity, and resilience of conflict-affected communities. This is to be done by ensuring that displaced and shelter-insecure households received shelter support; increasing the community resilience through provision of Psycho-Social Support (PSS); and thereby improving the psycho-social wellbeing of displaced and conflicted-affected children, adolescents, and adults.

Furthermore, the project will both address the essential needs of project beneficiaries, and act as a bedrock component in a larger, protection focused approach to meeting greater humanitarian needs in Ar-Raqqa. The aim with this protection approach is to save lives and build transitional resilience in conflict affected communities.

The Results

From August-September 2022, DCA Shelter and PSS teams conducted joint pre-assessments of six informal settlements in Ar-Raqqa governorate, followed by household assessments conducted in settlements shortlisted for shelter support, and finally selected four settlements for support. The plan is for two of these settlements to receive a combination of Shelter and PSS support – while the additional two will receive PSS support only.

Shelter after project intervention in Syria
Tent and shelter conditions after the intervention of the project on emergency shelter to displaced populations.

Our Work

DCA Syria provides vulnerable households support to improve living conditions and protect against harsh weather conditions. Additionally, DCA conducts rehabilitation works on key infrastructure, including schools, after these have been surveyed and cleared by DCA for explosive hazards.

Moreover, DCA Syria provides specialized Mental Health and PSS and referral services to children and caregivers as well as mobile awareness sessions to communities on mental wellbeing and Gender Based Violence.

About the project

Project title: Mobile, Emergency Shelter and Psycho-Social Support to Displaced and Shelter Insecure Populations in Ar-Raqqa

Project Period: May 2022 – February 2023

Funding: EUR 700,000

Donor: CDCS, the Crisis and Support Centre – The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

People reached: 3,600

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