Empowerment through Transparency

Empowering Communities through Transparent Budget Advocacy in Cambodia


DCA Cambodia

The Issue

Despite recent efforts, the formulation of the annual budget in Cambodia remains closed to civil society, limiting transparency and citizen participation. This lack of access disproportionately affects marginalized groups, including the poor, women, and people with disabilities, preventing them from advocating for their needs.

The Project

The project aims to strengthen civil society’s ability to advocate for transparent and inclusive budgeting processes. Activities include conducting consultative forums on budget law, supporting CSO working groups, and mobilizing youth to develop advocacy materials. Through these efforts, the project will empower communities to demand accountability and participate in budget discussions.

The Change

By increasing civil society’s advocacy capacity and public access to budget information, the project will promote government accountability and responsiveness. Expected outcomes include enhanced legal frameworks for access to information, increased public participation in budget processes, and improved allocation of resources to marginalized communities.

The Results

Midway through the project, over 200 community members have participated in budget forums, resulting in the inclusion of their recommendations in the national budget. Success stories include increased funding for social services in marginalized communities.

Our Work

The project aligns with DCA’s goal of fighting extreme inequality. It does so by advocating for transparent and inclusive budgeting and other governance-related issues, addressing the needs of marginalized groups in Cambodia.

About the project

Full title: Citizens Voices and Actions for Sustainable Development in Cambodia

Period: January 2024 – December 2026

Partner: Advocacy & Policy Institute (API)

Funding: 1,027,200 DKK

Expected number of people reached: 6,000 direct beneficiaries

Main Donors: Danida

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