Produkt: Giv en ged

Give a Goat

In 2006, DanChurchAid launched the ‘Give a Goat’ campaign. A selection of charitable gifts that is adjusted to meet demands – from solar lamps and school desks to goats, chickens, and disaster packages.

When you buy a goat – or any other item – you get a beautiful gift card as a receipt of purchase, which you can easily print yourself or have delivered by mail.

The gift purchase functions as a donation to DanChurchAid’s goat projects in the world’s poorest countries.

In addition, DanChurchAid has collaborated with companies and artists, so that you can also receive a physical gift together with the charity gift and a print-it-yourself gift card – it could be a unique art poster or a chocolate goat.

Smilende pige står med en ged i Kenya - Giv en ged