Goals and strategy

Save Lives, Build Resilient Communities, Fight Extreme Inequality

©Yilmaz Polat

DanChurchAid’s (DCA’s) international goals are based on our vision and respond to the  need for sustainable development and humanitarian action. All DCA’s activities are carried out in support of one or more of these goals:

  • Save Lives
  • Build Resilient Communities
  • Fight Extreme Inequality

First, the immediate response focuses on protecting and saving lives. Any life is sacred, and when lives and human dignity are threatened, it is our responsibility to do what we can to assist.

Second, to promote a world without hunger, poverty and oppression we need to build resilient communities, which can form the basis for sustainable development and inclusive growth.

Third, growth and development does not benefit all, and political, social, environmental and economic inequality between people and between nations, must be addressed and transformed to achieve our vision.

DCA has significant technical expertise and experience to support our partners to achieve the three goals. DCA’s actions alone will never achieve the vision, but together with others, including our global ACT Alliance, we can take tangible steps towards a world without hunger, poverty and oppression.

DCA organizes and prioritizes work under the three international goals within four thematic policies, which are Active Citizenship, Right to Food, Humanitarian Action and Safer Communities, and cross cutting policies on Gender Equity and Rights Based Approach. All international programmes and projects in DCA are developed and implemented within the thematic priorities of these polices.

All our work will support achieving some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and from all programme goals there will be contributions to SDG 5, 16, and 17. Depending on the context and particular programme priorities there will be contributions to achieving other SDG’s, too.

Strategies and Program policies