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Complaint system

At DanChurchAid, we aim to constantly improve the quality of our work. Therefore, we welcome complaints about our work in the countries in which we operate and in Denmark.

However, we ask that comments and complaints about our work be raised and discussed with the relevant staff and managers at DanChurchAid first, and as close to the activity as possible, so that the complaint system described here is considered a last resort.

What type of complaints?

Our system handles complaints that are within the area of responsibility of DanChurchAid, i.e.:

  • our work in Denmark
  • our work abroad
  • complaints about DanChurchAid’s staff or employees in organisations supported by DanChurchAid

If the complaint is not within DanChurchAid’s area of responsibility, the complainant will be notified accordingly.

The following complaints are not handled: complaints about employment conditions, such as salary level, employee evaluations, workspaces. These complaints will be forwarded to our HR Department.

Please note that we do not accept anonymous complaints.
However, we do accept anonymous complaints made through a DanChurchAid employee who knows the identity of the complainant. This makes it easier to look for information and notify the complainant so that we can investigate the matter.

Operational and sensitive complaints

The system can handle both operational complaints and sensitive complaints. This ensures that all information about sensitive complaints is treated confidentially.
A sensitive complaint is typically a complaint about corruption, sexual exploitation or another serious violation of our personnel policies.
An operational complaint is typically a complaint about the quality of our work.

DanChurchAid guarantees that if you complain, you will not be met with reprisals from DanChurchAid.

False accusations

However, an employee who intentionally makes false accusations against another employee or partner may be subject to disciplinary action (warning/dismissal/expulsion).

By submitting a complaint, you agree that the complaint will be handled according to the process in DanChurchAid’s Complaint System.

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Angie Farah
Accountability and Compliants Advisor
+45 5060 2070

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