Ajira Poa - Job creation and skills development for youth in Kenya

Job creation and skills development for youth in Kenya

The Ajira Poa! project helps youth navigate the job market and find employment opportunities.

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Kenya’s youth aged 15 – 35 years constitute about 35% of the total population of 49.7 million. However, youth unemployment which stands at 42 percent remains the biggest challenge. With between 500,000 to 800,000 Kenyan youth entering the job market each year, the economy has not been able to provide the necessary employment opportunities both in formal and informal sectors. 

There are a few missing ingredients that DCA feels are essential to have a more meaningful impact on the lives of youth. These elements include career counselling, coaching, mentorship, and – perhaps most significant – encouragement and inspiration.  

The Ajira Poa! project is an innovative blend of stimulation of demand (jobs), enrichment of supply (skills), and a foundation of guidance from a range of public and private sector partners to help young Kenyans navigate the world of work and guide them toward a path that makes sense for their own personal journey.  

Ajira Poa! will provide more and better jobs for youth in Kenya through soft skills development, technical and vocational training, linkages to apprenticeships, internships and/or jobs, mentorships, and enterprise development. 

DCA is working with Fabo to adapt and roll out an eLearning site, chatbot and an eMentorship platform. The project is scheduled to run for 36 months starting 1st March 2021 targeting 4,000 youth in Nakuru, Nyandarua, and West Pokot Counties. 

About the project

Period: 36 months 

Budget: 9,840,000 DKK 

Donor: Danida

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