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Volunteering with Wefood

As a volunteer in Wefood you have the opportunity to be a part of the shop team or the transport team. Follow the links and join us at Nørrebro, Amager or Aarhus.

Nørrebro  Amager   Århus

As a volunteer in Wefood your fight to minimize food waste is also a contribution to fight hunger around the world.

The volunteers in Wefood are divided into two different teams, who each have different responsibilities and tasks. No matter which team you join, there is a minimum requirement of taking 3 shifts per months and that you stay with us for at least 6 months.

In the transport team you help with…

  • Securing that there is surplus goods on the shelves in both stores
  • Collecting surplus food from all our suppliers (supermarkets, farms, stores) in the local area
  • Assessing and classifying surplus food at the supplier’s
  • Registering all surplus food
  • Upholding the good relationship with our surplus suppliers when collecting surplus food

General: There will always be two or three persons on a shift together: One driver and one or two co-drivers. The shifts are either in the morning or in the afternoon and lasts around 5 hours. The transport team drives for the store at Amager and for the store at Nørrebro.

In the shop team you help with….

  • Opening and closing the store
  • Preparing the shop for opening (cleaning, open register, register surplus goods, etc.)
  • Selling surplus food in the shop
  • Pricing surplus goods
  • Communicating Wefood to the costumers: Provide customer service, help and guide costumers, be the face of Wefood
  • Keeping the shop neat, tidy and welcoming

General: There will always be three persons on a shift together: The shifts are either in the morning or in the afternoon and lasts around 5-6 hours. It is only the shop in Nørrebro that is bilingual, so if you do not know Danish, we recommend that you join the store at Nørrebro.

About Wefood

Everyone who wants to make a difference, no matter gender, age, experience or education, is welcome to join Wefood. Together we are working to minimize food waste, to give our costumers the best experience and to fight hunger among the 795 million people around the world lacking food. 

Wefood is looking forward to welcoming you!