Protection and Restoration of the Environment & Promotion of Safe Access to Sustainable Energy and Green Livelihoods in Refugee and Host Communities

Environmental restoration, green livelihoods and access to safe and affordable clean energy


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Since 2019, DCA Uganda, with financial support of UNHCR and Danida,has been supporting environmental restoration, green livelihoods, and access to safe affordable and clean energy for refugees and host communities in the refugee hosting districts of West Nile Region – Yumbe, Terego, Madio-Okollo, Koboko, and Kiryadongo districts, which are home to over 515,000 South Sudan and DRC refugees, as well as urban refugees in Kampala. The project aims to restore the environment that comes under extreme pressure due to the influx of refugees and consequent high demand for forest products; promote green livelihood activities for both refugee and host communities through agroforestry, shea nut butter production and beekeeping techniques; as well as introduction and promotion of alternative clean energy sources, and fuel-efficient technologies.

So far, over 1.7 million tree seedlings (mostly indigenous) have been planted on individual woodlots, institutions, and avenues with encouraging survival rate of over 80%. Furthermore, approximately, 19,600 refugee and host community households have been supported to plant fruit and fast-growing trees in their homesteads. DCA also facilitated refugee households to grow food crops and practice other green-livelihoods activities in the plantation sites by providing trainings, and inputs.  

DCA has also been promoting various technologies including briquettes production from agricultural wastes, fuel efficient stoves, heat retaining baskets, and affordable solar technologies. In doing so the project has contributed to peaceful co-existence between refugee and host communities via promoting initiatives such as agroforestry that benefit both refugees and host communities and reduce competition over scarce resources. The search for firewood was also one of the factors exposing women and girls to a range of protection risks including rape. DCA’s intervention on access to clean and affordable energy sources, and fuel-efficient technologies, have contributed to minimize such risks.

Also in this project, over 20, 000 fuel efficient stoves, and 1896 heat retaining baskets have been distributed to refugee households as well as 962 tonnes of briquettes produced by 23 briquette producing groups and distributed to 1300 people with specific needs.

About the project

Period: January 2017 – present

Budget: 1,079,545 USD (879,984 USD from UNHCR and 199,561 USD from Danida) 

Donor: Danida and UNHCR

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