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Addressing GBV in Rohingya camps and host communities

DCA is working towards ending Gender Based Violence (GBV) from community level through implementing GBV response and prevention activities.

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The DCA GBV team operates 8 Safe Spaces for Women and Girls (SSWG) in the refugee camps and host community and provides case management support and psycho-social support (PSS) to survivors and at-risk women and girls. Essential services such as counselling, life skills and sexual and reproductive health sessions, creative and recreational activities and relaxation practices are provided to enhance the resilience of women and girls. DCA delivers structured skills training such as tailoring, sewing, tie dye, block boutique and basic computer training to vulnerable women and girls to support them to generate an independent income. In addition, DCA provides dignity kits and solar lanterns to the most vulnerable women and girls. 

To prevent gender-based violence and protect women and girls from future harms, DCA engages directly with the community to discuss the problems and their needs, alongside finding pragmatic community led approaches aimed at not only preventing gender-based violence but taking a transformative approach to ensure the equality of women and girls. Through this programme, men and boys, faith groups, community-based protection groups and other influential actors are directly engaged directly to provide sustainable positive changes for women and girls. We utilize in a number of well-developed and effective curricula. We engage men and boys to be future change makers through ‘Engaging Men through Accountable Practice Curriculum (EMAP)’. To prevent the marriage of children, DCA works with children, their caregivers, and the wider community to explain the harm to children and the wider community as a whole through the Early Marriage Prevention Curriculum (EMPC).  

About the project

Period: From 2018 onwards

Donor: Unicef 

Budget: 1,001,895 USD 

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