Increasing Syrian refugees' ability to cope with the effects of armed conflict and COVID-19 through psychosocial support.

Psychosocial support to Syrian refugees, Iraqi IDPs and host-communities

Supporting refugees, IDPs and host communities in coping with the effects of armed conflict and COVID-19

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DanChurchAid in Iraq

This project aims at improving children’s and adolescent’s emotional, social and cognitive abilities through activities which strengthen their wellbeing and resilience.

DCA’s partner JORD is conducting various psychosocial support activities in two community centres in areas where Syrian refugees, internal displaced Iraqis and host-communities are living alongside each other. Here safe spaces are provided for children, adolescents and caregivers to express their concerns and feelings.

Educational classes and vocational training are provided to the community members to improve their livelihood and enable them to meet their basic needs.

Furthermore, this project seeks to mitigate the spread and risks of Covid-19 through awareness campaigns and distribution of personal protective equipment items such as face masks and hand sanitizer.

About the project

Period: 1st January 2021 – 31st December 2021

Budget: 5,000,000 SEK

Donor: Church of Sweden (SIDA as back donor)

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