Responding to Hostilities in the South of Lebanon

DCA is providing humanitarian assistance across the South of Lebanon, since hostilities have surged since October 2023.

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The Issue

Lebanon continues to experience a surge in hostilities, as Israeli airstrikes extend far beyond its southern border, where the most intense bombardments are concentrated. These strikes have continued impacting residential houses, shops, and civilian infrastructure, directly affecting civilian populations living in those areas. In roughly half a year, at least 73 civilians have been killed since the escalation of hostilities in October 2023. In total, the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health has reported 1,359 casualties, including 344 people killed, due to the hostilities since 8 October 2023. As of April 2024, 93,040 people have been internally displaced and are seeking refuge across Lebanon, with 96 per cent originating from Bint Jbeil, Marjayoun, and Tyre districts.

The Project

In response to escalating tensions and the rising number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the southern borders, DCA partnered with the local NGO DPNA to deliver immediate humanitarian support. This included distributing in-kind food parcels to IDPs and providing cash assistance to households still residing in conflict zones. By working closely with the World Food Program (WFP), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Disaster Risk Management (DRM), and local governments, DCA ensured that aid reached the most vulnerable households, preventing duplication of efforts with other responding organizations.

The Change

The intervention is expected to significantly improve the situation by addressing immediate needs and providing crucial support to affected populations. Distribution of in-kind food parcels will alleviate hunger and malnutrition among IDPs and conflict-affected households, increasing access to nutritious food and improving overall health and well-being. Providing cash assistance will offer financial support to households in conflict areas, allowing them to meet essential needs and reduce economic stress, thereby enhancing economic stability. Coordination with NGO’s and local governments will ensure efficient and targeted distribution of aid, optimizing resource use and ensuring assistance reaches those who need it most. Additionally, the intervention will foster collaboration among humanitarian organizations and local authorities, promoting a unified and comprehensive response to the crisis.

The Results

Through this project, 400 internally displaced persons (IDPs) were reached in the Saida area, and 85 households residing in high conflict areas received assistance. The intervention provided crucial support to these vulnerable populations, addressing immediate needs.

Thematic Relevance

The work is linked to DCA’s global goal of ‘Saving lives‘. Having worked in the South for almost 17 years through HMA activities, DCA aims to continue supporting the community in the South amidst the ongoing conflict through this project.

About this project

Title: South Emergency Response.  

Period: 1. January 2024 – 30. June 2024

Local Partner: Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA)

Amount: 500,000 DKK

Outreach: 485 households


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