Strengthening Civil Society Networks

Stronger Civil Society Organizations Means Better Policy, Advocacy, and Sustainable Development


DCA Cambodia

The Issue

The project addresses the lack of capacity and resources among Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Cambodia to effectively advocate for policy reforms and sustainable development goals. CSOs often struggle to influence national and sub-national policies due to limited knowledge and coordination.

The Project

This intervention will strengthen CSO networks through capacity-building activities, including training sessions on human rights and sustainability advocacy, coordinating collective inputs for policy reforms, and facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships. By recruiting and training youth ambassadors for the Sustainable Development Goals, the project will also engage young people in advocacy efforts. These initiatives aim to improve the effectiveness and influence of CSOs in policy-making processes.

The Change

The project will result in more robust and coordinated CSO networks capable of advocating for policy reforms and sustainable development. Expected outcomes include increased CSO participation in policy dialogues, enhanced knowledge on relevant policies among CSOs, and successful advocacy campaigns. The project will also empower youth ambassadors to take active roles in promoting and implementing Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Partner

DCA works with the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) to implement the project. The CCC is a leading network of CSOs dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness and influence of civil society in Cambodia. CCC will coordinate the project activities, provide technical support, and ensure effective implementation.

Our Work

This project aligns with DCA’s goal of building resilient communities through enhanced civil society engagement and sustainable development practices. It contributes to the global effort to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in promoting inclusive and participatory policy-making.

About the project

Full title: Governance Hub Program (GHP)

Period: January 2024 – December 2026

Partner: Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC)

Funding: 1,707,720 DKK

Expected number of people reached: 765 direct beneficiaries (345 women, 115 youth), 6415 indirect beneficiaries (2655 women, 1550 youth).

Main Donors: Danida

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