Kvinde med barn i armene står på togstationen i Lviv, Ukraine

Ukraine: This Is How We Help

Thousands of Ukrainian families are fleeing Russian bombs. We are helping in the border areas and inside Ukraine.

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Women, children, and the elderly have fled to Western Ukraine or across national boundaries, while most men have stayed behind to defend their country. This is the reality for thousands of families in Ukraine right now.

“People who cross the border are tired and hungry. Many have spent several days moving through Ukraine”, says Andreas Kiaby, leader of the humanitarian response team in DCA.

In many areas it is snowing and at night the temperature drops to -5 degrees. It is therefore vital that the families get help fast.

“My husband is at the frontline of the war. The women in my family decided to flee to protect our children from danger. I do not remember must from of our escape. My children kept asking where we were going. But I did not have an answer.” —
Yelena, Ukrainian mother of three

Not all families can leave their home or Ukraine. It is important that the help also reaches them. Together with local partners DanChurchAid is working both in the border areas and inside Ukraine.

We are distributing food, toiletries and sleeping bags as well as providing shelter for the families fleeing Ukraine, partly thanks to the enormous engagement and support from the Danes.

Finn Church Aid’s partner on the ground Hungarian Interchurch Aid serves hot tea and sandwiches to people waiting in line at the border town of Berehove in Ukraine.
Finn Church Aid’s partner on the ground Hungarian Inter Church Aid serves hot tea and sandwiches to people waiting in line at the border town of Berehove in Ukraine. Kirkon Ulkomaanavun kumppanijärjestö Hungarian Interchurch Aid tarjoilee teetä ja voileipiä autojonoissa odottaville pakolaisille Berehoven rajakaupungissa Ukrainassa.

Refugee children

Close to the Ukrainian border town Berehove Ukrainian refugees are stuck in traffic jams trying to leave the country. Most have been fleeing for multiple days before reaching the border. They are exhausted and scared.

The border station is under pressure because of the amount of people wanting to leave the country at the same time. The result is car queues as far as the eye can see. Some families have to queue for 10 hours before continuing their flight.

ACT member Hungarian Inter Church Aid is providing support to refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine on both the Ukrainian and Hungarian side of the border near Berehove. Photo: Håvard Bjelland/NCA

10-year-old Alona hasfled the Ukrainian city Kharkiv with her family. The family fled by car to Kyiv and then took the train to Berehove – the town close to the Ukranian border. Alona only had 20 minutes to pack her bag before fleeing the war-torn city. She brought her telephone and a couple of teddies.

We stand ready with warm food, hot drinks, blankets, sleeping bags and shelter. At the same time, we provide internet access for the families, so that they can get in touch with their relatives.

Larissa has fled the war in Ukraine with her daughter and husband. Violent bombings forced the family to hide in their home in Kharkiv for four days before fleeing towards the west. Now they are in a refugee camp in Berehove close to the Ukrainian border.

”Here we have a warm place to sleep. We receive three meals a day, we can shower and wash our clothes” – Larissa

As far as it is possible, we work to provide ready money for the Ukrainian population and buy goods locally to support the natural market forces in a country, where the economy is also severely affected.

It is important that we are present immediately for those who are fleeing the horrors of war. In the long-term it is also crucial that we manage to create an everyday life for these people.

We are following the development of the war day by day to ensure that we are distributing the help most needed.

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