Our Approach
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Working together with partners

DanChurchAid’s work is based on cooperation with local partners, who are generally in the best position to know and assess the local context. The partnership model ensures that our emergency and development work effectively targets the poorest and that activities become locally sustainable.

We implement our own humanitarian mine action programmes and in some cases emergency aid activities, but in most cases we work through local partners who are often members of the ACT Alliance. Ensuring high quality, capacity building and organisational development of local partners is an important cross-cutting component of DCA’s work.

Changing attitudes

In close cooperation with partners, DanChurchAid strives to integrate advocacy into all its emergency and development programmes:

Our advocacy initiatives consist of lobby activities, media action, popular mobilisation, and alliance-building.

Rights and gender equality

DCA is committed to promoting rights-based development and gender equality in all of our programmes.

The drive to promote the interests and rights of the poorest, most marginalised and discriminated men and women is interlinked with our core values.

Being accountable towards rights holders is a key priority for us.

In practice our focus on rights and gender equality means:

  • dotSupport poor and discriminated men and women’s political and social chances of changing their own situation, focusing on equal access to active participation and influence as regards decision-making processes and mechanisms on all levels
  • dotSupport the responsible authorities and institutions’ chances of and obligation to act in a positive manner and to respect the interests and rights of the most marginalised men and women
  • dotActively promote equality for marginalised groups, focusing especially on gender issues, and prevent all kinds of discrimination against poor men and women
  • dotSupport poor men and women’s access to legal counselling and justice
  • dotSupport the use of international human rights standards and mechanisms in order to promote respect for poor people’s rights
  • dotMake it possible for the partners and teams we collaborate with to participate in an active and meaningful manner in all decision-making processes regarding our working relationship
  • dotEnsure that rights and equality principles apply to all of our organisational principles and procedures

Microfinance as a cross-cutting component

In DCA microfinance components are always integrated into larger programmes and projects where relevant. We believe that access to financial services, or microfinance, is an important instrument to reduce vulnerability and sustain livelihoods.

We are present where people are in need and reliant on help to establish a humane life in dignity.

When people are afflicted by hardship, hunger, war, DanChurchAid makes an effort to help our fellow human beings, because “we believe in life before death”.

From the Christian belief that God is the one who renews everything comes our faith and energy to continue insisting that it helps to:

  • dotHeal and alleviate distress
  • dotBuild institutions
  • dotInspire democracy

Some might object that we have forgotten the eternal life when we say that “we believe in life before death”. That is not the case, however.

The eternal life is the foundation that everyday lives should be lived upon.

DanChurchAid performs one of the church’s many tasks.

We strive to do it in the best possible way, because the alternative is indifference, hopelessness and cynicism in relation to people who live with great poverty and hardship.

DanChurchAid’s mandate and work consists of international diakonia that focuses on one particular thing: looking after the needs and rights of fellow human beings.

These actions do not save anyone, but they do help improve people’s conditions and possibilities for making a living.