A Ripple of Change

To build stronger communities, DCA works with Farmer and Nature Net (FNN) with the aim of building the capacities of local farmer organisations


DCA Cambodia

The Issue

There are a variety of challenges faced by Cambodian farmers, especially small farm owners who depend on traditional practices. With limited access to up-to-date agricultural knowledge and climate-resilient techniques, farmers struggle to meet the demands of consumers and cannot secure contracts with markets or companies. There is an increase in the cost of seeds, fertilizer, and other inputs, and with the farmers’ limited expertise in business and finance management, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to have a secure income. This puts a strain on their livelihood and without the right intervention, there will also be a shortage of high-quality produce for local consumers.

The Project

To build stronger communities, Farmer and Nature Net (FNN) partnered with DCA with the aim of building the capacities of local farmer organizations (FOs) in three aspects: to defend the rights and address the needs of low-income women and youth in economic development, to promote agroecology technologies and business activities among small and medium scale farmers, and to advocate for improving the existing agriculture value chain and market system.

The Change

DCA works with FNN to achieve several positive outcomes within three years. First, the project seeks to improve the business and financial management practices of participating Agriculture Cooperatives (ACs) and farmer organizations. It aims to increase the income of individual members and ACs by promoting agroecology farming and sustainable business development. Second, the project looks to strengthen market linkages and clarify the roles and responsibilities of relevant stakeholders. Finally, it intends to improve the planning, management, and implementation of projects within the program.

Mrs. Tin Ron, 62, member of an organic rice producer group

The Results

Although the project is still in its implementation phase, it is already showing positive results. In 2023, nine Agricultural Cooperatives with a total of 2,155 members signed contracts with the Amru Rice company, selling a total volume of more than 4000 tons of organic rice. Furthermore, 38 contracts involving a total of 295 AC members were signed with buyers such as KOC, Sna Dai Me, Adom Rice and more, selling 180 tonnes of vegetables. One AC, consisting of 124 members who produced rice seeds, signed contracts with nine other ACs and depots to sell 350 tons of rice seeds. 
Through project training and monthly meetings, AC committee capacities expanded their knowledge and capacity. With access to loans from development partners, they also expanded their business plans for 2023, including buying and selling organic paddy rice, vegetables, chicken meat, chicks and eggs, producing organic fertilizers and rice seeds, as well as rice milling.

Our Work

DCA works in Cambodia to promote sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers and to support increased agricultural production and income. This is done by facilitating knowledge sharing, introducing innovative drought-resistant agricultural technologies and agro-ecology, and by working with farmers to design and manage systems to minimize external/artificial inputs. Agro-ecology also shortens the food chain and empowers smallholder farmers to strengthen their relationships with consumers, promoting the resilience of our food system. Together, these initiatives support DCA’s goal of building resilient communities.

About the project

Full title: Enhancing Agricultural Value Chain for Co-operative Development

Period: January 2023 – December 2025

Partner: Farmer and Nature Net

Funding: 1,343,146 DKK

People reached: 1,200 direct beneficiaries and 14,280 indirect beneficiaries

Main Donors: Danida

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