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Procurement Finalisation

As part of the procurement closing activities, it is important to ensure the availability of a final procurement plan and a full set of supporting and compliant procurement documents.

Final Procurement Plan

It is not uncommon that the information in the procurement plan differs from what was initially planned. Consequently, a final procurement plan reflects both the planned procurement, the actual procurement and the changes that have occurred during the project period. The following activities lead to a final procurement plan:

  • Complete the actual procurement section of the procurement plan.
  • Align the final procurement plan with the financial transactions in the final financial report.
  • Ensure that the final procurement plan reflects the implemented project activities.

Final Procurement Documentation

For the purpose of accountability, every procurement process generates a full set of compliant procurement documentation. To assist and be ready for the audit, register all the available procurement documentation in the general template GEN 18: Procurement Documentation Tool, and locate missing information before closing the procurement.

Archiving the Procurement Documentation

As a final step of closing procurement, decide on a safe and accessible place to store the full set of compliant procurement documentation for a minimum of five years. Donor dependent, it can be electronic filing or in hard-copies. The important point is, that it is retrievable at any time for an audit.