Investors Should Turn Their Eye to Adaptation

And this is why
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Who we are

DanChurchAid assists the world’s poorest to lead a life in dignity. Aid is given regardless of race, creed, political or religious affiliation. 

DanChurchAid is based in Denmark and a member of the ACT Alliance together with 134 churches and faith-based organisations.  

DanChurchAid assisted 3,2 million people through humanitarian and development activities in 19 countries during 2019. 

'A Story of Sadness'

A new DCA report compiles climate research about countries where DCA is engaged. The report is full of worrying predictions. Hopefully, it will help us ensure that projects and programs are in line with recent science.
You will find the report here

Our Longreads

3,500 refugees cross the border here - every day
The dreams and visions were endless when South Sudan achieved independence in 2011, but after just a few years  a power struggle broke out.

A credit card has eliminated the fear that my child will die

A credit card for refugees has created a relief breakthrough for families fleeing from war.

The global climate threat
”If we don’t get help we will all die”

Immediate relief packages and medical gears support

Nepal is bracing up to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Education in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Our actions have targeted the protection and emergency education in vulnerable communities, anti-mine actions and the fight against sexual violence.

Main Donors

Where we work

Where we work

How we work

Fundamental to our values and identity and way of working to ensure sustainable development. 

Our work is organised within four thematic policies and cross-cutting policies.

Quality Assurance
We are constantly improving our work by having a transparent quality assurance. 

We have signed on to a number of international commitments in order to ensure quality and accountability.

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