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Guide to USAID Procurement 2nd Edition

The DCA Guide to USAID Procurement is an appendix to the DCA Procurement Manual and the two documents together with the DCA Logistics Manual are applicable to USAID funded operations under Grants and Cooperative Agreements.

The guide does not stand instead of the USAID Rules and Regulations but will help the planners and implementers address the relevant topics in a DCA context.

This guide is applicable to projects from July 2020

Community on USAID Procurement

The purpose of the community is to provide procurement practioners with relevant information to plan and implement their USAID project. The community offers a collection of resources such as donor documents, videos, quizzes, a case and a place to discuss and learn.

Feel free to use the community as a training or performance support in your procurement work. This is also where DCA will share updates on USAID procurement developments.
If not already a member, we hope that you will join the community.