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Procurement Committee

For a smooth implementation, we recommended organizing the procurement committee in a way that fits the office and project best. For guidance, support template GEN 2-2 have suggested Terms and References for a procurement committee. At project level, decide on a joint or partner specific committee or a combination of the both as well as the preference for a permanent or ad-hoc committee. The DCA Procurement Manual discusses these options in section 4.2 Multi Partner Projects and 4.3 Consortium Projects.

The main responsibilities of the procurement committee

  • Ensure that a Procurement Plan is drafted and corresponds to the activity plan and the budget
  • Ensure that all procurement requirements are planned for at the beginning of the project
  • Ensure that procurement activities are initiated on time
  • Ensure that ethical risks are considered and addressed in the procurement process
  • Ensure that the procurement fulfils donor requirements
  • Ensure that required procurement staff are on board (see support template GEN 5 for the procurement capacity check list)
  • Ensure that all internal and external experts required for the project are being consulted early in the project phase and committed to provide the information and specifications needed for the procurement activities
  • Ensure the collection of quotations and issue Purchase Orders or Contracts
  • Evaluate quotes or proposals
  • Uphold the procurement principles and ensure that the best quality and value for money is obtained

The procurement committee consists of at least three members and preferably an odd number. Choose members with relevant qualifications and interest for the purchase at hand. It is preferable to include the procurement officer to ensure DCA and donor compliance. Ensure that each member declares their impartiality and observes confidentiality by signing the template GEN 2-1 Declaration of Impartiality and Confidentiality or the relevant evaluation grid.

Consult the DCA Procurement Manual section 2.4 for a full guidance on the procurement committee.