Business Opportunities

The business opportunities below originate from our Implementing Partners, our Country Offices as well as the headquarters in Copenhagen. The list is not exhaustive and Contractors are encouraged to contact DCA Country Offices to explore additional opportunities. Contact information is available elsewhere on this website.

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Invitation til Tilbud på Grafisk Design til Giv en Ged kampagnen
Folkekirkens Nødhjælp i København inviterer kandidater til at afgive et tilbud på grafisk design og produktion til Giv en Ged 2021 julekampagne og 2022 påskekampagne. Opgaverne vil indebære sparring og ideudvikling på grafisk materiale samt produktion af diverse både digitale og trykte materialer. For yderligere information se Invitation til Tilbud, kampagnemateriale og Giv en ged-kampagnen har til formål at skabe engagement ved at fortælle historien om bæredygtig udviklingsbistand på en letforståelig måde over for hele den danske befolkning. Vi ser frem til at modtage dit tilbud senest den 9. august 2021

Request for Proposal for a consultancy for a new Palestine Country Program 2022-26
DanChurchAid Palestine invites candidates to submit a proposal for the “Support for the development of DCA/NCA Joint Country Program”. The Service is required to produce the country strategy, a MEAL plan and conduct Theory of Change workshops with the staff and the partners in the West Bank and Gaza. Deadline: August 6th 2021 at 4pm JRS time

CLOSED 13th July 2021 Request for Proposal for Project Evaluation in North East Syria
DanChurchAid North East Syria (NES), with funding from the USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA), has recently provided monthly Cash-for-Food support to approximately 3,000 households within NES to address the food needs and improve the well-being of conflict affected families in target areas. 

DanChurchAid is planning to conduct an end of project evaluation and is launching a Request for Proposal, inviting interested and qualified consultants to review the Tender notice, the Terms of References and submit their bid in compliance with the Request for Proposal.

CLOSED 21st June 2021 Request for Proposal for Short-Term Consultancy On country programme development process
In August 2017, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya, a persecuted minority from western Myanmar’s Rakhine State, began crossing the Bangladeshi border into Cox’s Bazar district. More than 900,000 refugees have since taken refuge in Bangladesh. DCA has an office in Dhaka and established an office in Cox’s Bazar in December 2017 in response to the influx of Rohingya refugees. The country programme has four main components: Gender-Based Violence and Protection, Education in Emergency, Camp improvement and Emergency Response, and Cash and Livelihood programming. 

The consultant will bring to the Country Programme Development (CPD) process previous experience from developing and writing successful integrated, multi-sectoral, strategy involving several stakeholders and team members ensuring the participatory approach. It is desirable that consultant also brings a good understanding of issues relating to education/vocational skills and livelihoods, GBV and protection sectors. 

CLOSED May 22nd 2021 Terms of Reference for provision of electronic voucher services
DCA has been supporting refugees and local communities in Kakuma and Kalobeyei with humanitarian assistance and long-term development aid since the early 1990s. DCA Kakuma programme supports a variety of sectors including agriculture, livelihoods, climate resilience, financial inclusion and youth empowerment, entrepreneurship and life skills development, value chain and market development, peace building and protection.

During the year 2021, DCA intends to transition into the use of e-vouchers in the provision of essential inputs to project beneficiaries. Towards this end, DCA office in Kakuma invites qualified electronic input voucher service providers to express interest to partner with DCA in providing of the proposed service as detailed in this TOR.

CLOSED March 26th 2021 Request for Proposals for the provision of photography and videography media content under a 2-year framework contract
DanChurchAid (DCA) wishes to establish a collaboration through a 2-year framework contract with up to three (3) Uganda-based freelancers who can deliver high quality media content for documentation and communication of the projects implemented by DCA and partner organisations in Uganda. The previously posted Request for Expression of Interest in this framework contract has been taken down due to time limitations and replaced by the detailed Request for Proposal (RFP), we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

DCA has been supporting poor communities in Uganda with relief and long-term development assistance since 1979, working in areas with increasing levels of inequality and exclusion based on income, geography, gender, age and displacement because of conflict and other disasters and harsh climatic conditions.

CLOSED February 12th 2021 Consultancy for Innovative farming solutions for smallholder farmers in West Nile and Northern Uganda
DanChurchAid (DCA) invites candidates to submit a proposal for contributing to innovative farming solutions for smallholder farmers in West Nile and Northern Uganda. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to stability in Northern Uganda, eradicate poverty, under-nutrition and strengthen the foundation for sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development.

DanChurchAid (DCA), in collaboration with Lutheran World Federation (LWF) (lead responder), Mukwano and Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB) jointly responded to a call by Uganda Government under Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU) supported by European Union (EU). DINU/LEWA (Livelihoods Enhancement for West Nile and Acholi) aspires to improve Livelihoods in West Nile and Northern region through integrated complementary interventions of increased production, marketing, nutrition, and family planning programs.

CLOSED January 22nd 2021 Consultancy for GHG accounting, climate action targets and plans in Denmark
DanChurchAid (DCA) invites candidates to submit a proposal for provision of consultancy services to build organisational capacity for GHG accounting, setting of climate action targets and development of climate action plans. 

The capacity development process is a joint initiative of DanChurchAid, Danish Red Cross, WWF Denmark, MS Action Aid and Danish Refugee Council to map our respective organisational carbon emission baselines, identify priority action areas, set emission reduction targets, develop a strategy for emission reductions and disclose our progress on emission reductions. The process will contribute to our efforts to minimize negative environmental and climate impacts of our operations and chart a climate responsible path forward for humanitarian and development assistance.

CLOSED December 10th 2020 Consultancy for the Digitalization and improved access to credit for VSLAs in West Nile Uganda
DanChurchAid (DCA), in collaboration with Lutheran World Federation and Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB) jointly responded to a call by Uganda Government under Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU) supported by European Union (EU). This project aspires to improve Livelihoods in West Nile and Northern region through integrated complementary interventions of increased production, marketing, nutrition, and family planning programs. 

The project seeks to digitalize and link VSLAs (Savings Groups) to formal financial services providers for access to improved credit in rural host communities. While VSLAs have transformed rural & vulnerable people’s ability to save money and empowered them to increase earning potential, the absolute amount of capital held remains small and has not resulted into significant growth of business activities to make VSLA members financially secure. The project sets out to provide savings measures and complementary financial and non-financial services to credit ready communities.

CLOSED August 7th 2020 Consulting team for thematic resilience evaluation
DanChurchAid (DCA) is commissioning a global thematic evaluation of its work to build resilient communities, and is recruiting an external consultancy team for this purpose. Our global goal to build resilient communities will be at the centre of this study and our aim is to build on our strengths in partnership and our work with communities. This will require a strategic and progressive evaluation design to help us understand what works and what we can do better.

The evaluation is expected to make a major contribution to DCA's learning objectives and new international strategy, helping us consolidate our performance and approach. The evaluation is scheduled to take place in the period September 2020 to February 2021. Interested consultancies should submit a proposal using the requested format by 7th August 2020.

CLOSED August 16th 2020 Framework Contract for Translation Services
We wish to conclude a framework contract with a well-established company for a translation service with the duration of two years. The nature of our work requires professional written translation services in various languages and for that purpose, we wish to provide all departments of DanChurchAid and its Country Offices easy and timely access to written translation services of the best quality at a fixed and pre-agreed price.

CLOSED July 5th 2020 Consultancy for needs and market assessment of the Pyrethrum Sub-sector in Kenya
DCA Kenya continues to engage in Market Systems Development Programming in Kenya with a keen interest of enhancing economic and social empowerment of smallholder farmers in Kenya. Towards this end, DCA is seeking a consultancy services to support in a market mapping, analysis and an intervention model design for the Pyrethrum sub-sector focusing on Nakuru, Nyandarua, West Pokot and Elgeyo Marakwet counties.

CLOSED June 23rd, 2020 DCA/NCA Palestine Joint Country Program Evaluation
DCA/NCA Palestine Joint Country Program embarks on developing a new programme strategy for Palestine 2021-25, and is looking for a consultant to evaluate the past country programme. The findings, conclusions and recommendations of the evaluation will provide substantial guidance to the design of next country programme cycle and will contribute to organisational learning at the global and country levels of the organisation.organisational learning at the global and country levels of the organisation.

CLOSED March 27th, 2020 Framework Agreement for Insurance Broker Services
DanChurchAid Denmark is looking for a well-established and international experienced insurance broker to be responsible for the entire DCA insurance program. The objective is to establish a 3-year contract with the possibility of renegotiating the contract for an additional two years. Interested candidates can access and submit a proposal through the above link.

CLOSED March 4th, 2020 Call for Grants Proposals in Renewable Energy in Uganda
DanChurchAid Uganda with the support from DANIDA is launching a Green Challenge and calling for proposals in renewable energy in West Nile, Uganda with the objective to increase adoption of clean sustainable energy products by households for cooking and lighting. The winner will be awarded a grant of up to USD 40.000.

CLOSED March 6th, 2020 Consultancy for the Evaluation of the DCA Malawi 2016-2020 Programme in Lilongwe, Malawi
DCA’s country programme in Malawi is coming to the end of a 5 year cycle in 2020. DCA is seeking a consultant to carry out a consolidated evaluation of the 2016-2020 Malawi country programme for learning and accountability purposes. The findings, conclusions and recommendations of the evaluation will provide substantial guidance to the design of a 5 year Joint Country Programme with Norwegian Church Aid in Malawi commencing in 2021, and will also contribute to organisational learning at the DCA global and country levels of the organisation. The relevant documents are the Request for Proposal and the Terms of References. 

CLOSED 15th November 2019, 5 pm Libya time Consultant for research of the socio-economic impact of humanitarian mine action in Sirte, Libya
DCA Libya Programme is looking for a consultant to conduct a socio-economic study with the focus on an in-depth measurement of the impact of humanitarian mine action in the city of Sirte. This will be used to measure the impact on the socio-economic situation of communities, including their access to basic services, increase in livelihoods, and the work’s contribution to the goals outlined in the agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The consultant will be requested to conduct the study remotely from Tunisia and as homebased, through the support of Libya based national staff and volunteers and with overall support from the administrative base in Tunis.

CLOSED 15th March 2019 Request for Proposal for the Final Evaluation of EU project in Libya
The service is required for an external evaluation of the project "Support stabilisation i Libya through Mine Action and Building Safer Communities" an intervention supported by the European Union. Since 2016, DCA has implemented this Mine Action Project with the purpose of contributing to safer living conditions for communities in Libya. DCA is now looking to hire a consultant to assess the impact of the project and draw lessons learned for the future.

CLOSED 10th March 2019 Call for companies to provide audit services in Juba, South Sudan
The audit is required for a 3-year DFID funded project in South Sudan. Audit purposes, expected results, scope, timing as well as auditor's responsibility and qualifications are available though the above link. This is information for business opportunity, only and does not constitute a commitment to purchase or any other form of contractual commitment by the Contracting Authority.

CLOSED 4th March 2019 Consultancy for integration of GBV prevention & response into Cash & Voucher Assistance (CVA)
The service is requested for the project "Integration of Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) with gender and Gender Based Violence (GBV) for DCA" - an intervention targeting DCA Country Offices and Partners.

DCA has more than 10 years of global experience on delivering cash and voucher assistance as part of humanitarian response programmes. With an increased focus on setting gender outcomes and referring GBV survivors to cash assistance, DCA is now looking to hire an external consultant to lead the project and set guidelines for how DCA can work strategically with Gender and GBV in cash assistance.

CLOSED February 11th 2019: Call for Pre-Qualification for Uganda based Suppliers and Service Providers
DanChurchAid Uganda has received funding from its development and humanitarian partners and would like to prequalify potential companies and organisations to provide goods and services as stated through the link above. Applicants MUST complete the Supplier Registration Form and read and understand DCA General Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct for Contractors.

CLOSED: Consultant for Women & Livelihoods Assessment in South Sudan
DCA Emergency Assistance Programme is looking for an consultant to provide updated assessment of livelihood opportunities for people - and more specifically women - in a conflict affected area. The deadline for the assessment is January 2019.

CLOSED: Consultancy for Mine Action Project Evaluation in Lebanon
The Service is required for an external evaluation of the project "Support to Clearance Operations in Lebanon” an intervention supported by the European Union Delegation to Lebanon. Since 2016, DCA has been implementing at Mine Action Project in Lebanon with the purpose of contributing to Lebanon’s efforts to complete clearance of contaminated land to free it up for socio-economic development. DCA is now looking to hire an external consultant to assess the impact of the project and draw lessons learned for the future.

CLOSED: Supply & Delivery of Two (2) Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top 10 Seaters (5 doors)- Right Hand Drive (RHD), 2018 Model.
DanChurchAid, Nairobi Offices invites qualified suppliers of one or several of the following goods and services to respond to this advertisement. Suppliers who have responded to this advertisement and provides the required information may be invited to participate in the Procurement Procedure for the relevant lot(s).

CLOSED: Market assessment consultant
The DCA/NCA joint office in Palestine is looking for a consultant for market assessment and research. The overall objective of the assignment is to identify market opportunities for Palestinian commodities within the Danish market, in order to create jobs for Palestinian individuals and income opportunities for Palestinian small/medium-scale producers.

CLOSED: Consultancy for training of local partner staff in working with SGBV
DanChurchAid South Sudan is looking for a consultant to provide adequate training of local partner staff and protection group members in outreach in preventing, addressing, and supporting survivors of SGBV.

CLOSED: Re-advert: National open tender for the purchase of vehicle
DanChurchAid Ethiopia invites interested suppliers/traders to participate in the procurement procedure for the procurement of vehicle for which the lot is listed in the RFQ: Toyota Land Cruiser, Hardtop, Station Wagon 5 doors. 1 new 9-seater 4x4 station wagon.

CLOSED: Consultants to provide training for a Local NGO on Good Governance for Boards of Directors
DanChurchAid South Sudan is looking for consultants to support leaders for governance among members of boards of directors to develop the skills and knowledge needed to implement Local NGO governance.

CLOSED: Consultancy for the Evaluation of DCA's assistance to South Sudanese Refugees and Host Communities in Gambella, Ethiopia
DanChurchAid Ethiopia is looking for a consultant to carry out an evaluation of two Danida funded projects in Gambella refugee camps. Both projects will be completed by December 31st 2017.

CLOSED: Consultancy for the Evaluation of ACT Uganda Local Climate Change Advocacy Project
DanChurchAid Uganda is looking for a consultant(s) to carry out an evaluation of the project "Strengthening of local climate change advocacy – making local voices heard in the climate debate”. The evaluation assignment is planned to take place between November and December 2017 over a period of 20 days. The evaluation will seek to visit some of the Districts in Teso and Karamoja and will cover activities of the implementing partners in addition to National level activities.

CLOSED: Contract for Documentation of Earthquake Recovery Project - Nepal 
DanChurchaid is looking for consultant(s) or organization(s) to undertake "Learning Documentation of Earthquake Recovery Project Activities" that will document different project activities implemented by DCA within its earthquake recovery programme. This call for consultance services is for various assignments that requires different technical expertise.