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Logistics Manual 2nd edition Procurement Manual 6th edition
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Logistics Manual 2nd Edition

The demand for guidance to manage everyday logistical issues led to the publication of the second DCA Logistics Manual in 2017. The manual compiles DCA’s logistical experience and assists in setting up proper logistics systems to the benefit of projects and programs. Logistics is an element of Supply Chain Management and includes inventory management, the delivery of goods and services at the right time and place, fleet management, data collection and reporting. The Manual is applicable for all DCA operations and is available to DCA implementing partners. The DCA Logistics Manual is protected under copyrights © DanChurchAid. The Logistics Manual 2nd edition is valid from December 1st 2017

Logistics Manual 2nd edition

Procurement Manual 6th Edition

DCA procurement is based on the Procurement Manual and related annexes. The Manual provides a set of rules including procedures and guidelines for the practice of sound procurement, and is applicable to DCA projects and programs. In 2004 DCA published its first Procurement Manual. Since then, updates have taken place regularly, each time considering donor guidelines and the feedback from our Country Offices on the practicality and efficiency of our procedures. The DCA Procurement Manual is protected under copyrights © DanChurchAid. The Procurement Manual 6th edition is valid from January 1st 2020.

Procurement Manual 6th edition

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