Humanitarian Mine Action around the World

Globally DCA carries out humanitarian mine action in eight countries in collaboration with dedicated local partners.

© Rasmus Emil Gravesen
© Rasmus Kristiansen
DR Congo

Population: 96 million
DCA present since: 2004
Source of mines/explosives: First and second Congo War 1996-2002
Main donor(s): USA (PM/WRA)
Local partner(s): Actions pour le Développement Intégral par la Conservation Communautaire (ADIC)

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© Iraq country office

Population: 43.5 million
DCA present since: 2017
Source of mines/explosives: US Invasion 1990s / War with Iran 1980s
Main donor(s): UNMAS
Local partner(s): Iraq Health and Social Care Organisation (IHSCO)

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Battel Area Clearance on Mt Lebanon © Mikkel Rytter Poulsen

Population: 5.5 million
DCA present since: 2007
Source of mines/explosives: Civil war 1980s, Conflict with Israel
Main donor(s): USA (PM/WRA) / Japan
Local partner(s): NA

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© Mikkel Rytter Poulsen

Making Lebanon safe

“When the war started, I saw casualties and I wanted to help people. I wanted to do something. When I heard about DCA’s work with mine clearance, I felt it was a place where I could make a difference. And I knew that DCA worked globally – not only in Lebanon. That appealed to me – that I could do something for my country and play a small part in a global organization working with mine action.”
– Shadi Moussa, Field Operation Officer at DCA Lebanon

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© Paul Jeffrey

Population: 6.7 million
DCA present since: 2011
Source of mines/explosives: World War II, Arab Spring 2011-12, On-going Militia clashes, Daesh 2017-2017, fighting between eastern and western forces 2020-2021.
Main donor(s): EU, US (PM/WRA)
Local partner(s): NA

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Population: 21.7 million
DCA present since: 2013
Source of mines/explosives: Armed conflict between North and South (2012 – ongoing)
Main donor(s): UNMAS
Local partner(s): AAPPOR Mali (Association pour l’Appui aux Populations Rurales) & ASDAP (Association de Soutien au Développement des Activités des Populations)

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Skoleelever til talentshow i Sydsudan for EORE © BEBE JOEL
South Sudan

Population: 10.7 million
DCA present since: 2013
Source of mines/explosives: Civil war 1986-2005 between Sudan Armed Forces and Sudan People Liberation Army / Conflicts 2013-2018 between the government and opposition.
Main donor(s): Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Welt Ohne Minen, DANIDA
Local partner(s): Support for Peace and Education Development Program (SPEDP)

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Mine action in Libya: Women working for peace and development

“It’s truly satisfying to help make your community be safer and to show women that they can play an important role in humanitarian mine action for their country,” says Amina.

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© Thomas Borberg

Population: 21.3 million
DCA present since: 2015
Source of mines/explosives: Civil war/Arab Spring 2010-2
Main donor(s): DANIDA, EU
Local partner(s): RMCO (Roj Mine Control Organization)

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Population: 43.8 million
DCA present since: 2022
Source of mines/explosives: Russian invasion 2014/2022
Main donor(s): UNDP, Denmark – various foundations and private donors
Local partner(s): East Europe Foundation (EEF)

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DanChurchAid and global advocacy
  • DanChurchAid sits on the review board of the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS). IMAS provides guidance, establish principles and help define international requirements and specifications designed to improve safety, efficiency and quality in mine action. Read more on their website.
  • DanChurcAid sits on the governance board of The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL). ICBL is a global network with a presence in more than 100 countries and works for a world free of antipersonnel landmines, where survivors of landmine accidents can still lead dignified and fulfilling lives. Read more on their website.
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