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Innovation Festival

Challenging systemic social and environmental issues requires innovative and inspiring solutions

Save the date! From Wednesday 22nd to Thursday 23rd November 2023, DCA is organizing a virtual Innovation Festival 2023 you should not miss! 

About the festival

Innovation is one of the driving forces behind DanChurchAid’s ambitious Global Strategy to challenge systemic social and environmental issues in the Global South and to develop new forms of engagement of the Danish public. From a simple idea to successful implementation, innovation brings as many challenges as opportunities.   

The DCA Innovation Festival brings together like-minded professionals spearheading the innovation agenda to offer insights, education and case studies on how creative thinking can bring positive change. Join us virtually for three days of inspiring discussions on what innovation means to DCA and how simple ideas lead to action. The panel discussions will focus on four different themes: Feministic Innovation, Measuring Innovation, Innovation Management and Scaling up Innovation.

What will you get out of it?

Every day we will run different sessions aimed at bringing diverse and fresh takes on how innovation can support humanitarian and development work, featuring case studies from both within and outside DCA. You will be inspired and learn how to kickstart innovation through our hands on tool and workshop sessions!

Sharing the idea
DCA country offices share their newest ideas on innovation from their projects.

Ready for replication
DCA country offices share consolidated innovation work which is ready for replication.

We have invited experts to give sharp and concise explanations on innovative tools.

Challenging our thinking
We invite external speakers to challenge our thinking and to give us new insights.

Tool workshops
Practical sessions focused on providing you with the skills to measure and scale up innovative projects.

Plenary discussions
Space where we will be reflecting critically on how innovative approaches can be further incorporated in organizational work.

The Innovation Festival


Feministic Innovation, Wednesday 22nd November, 9-12 (DK time)

  • What are the gendered aspects of innovation?
  • We will explore what feministic innovation is and what it means for types of participation. A point of view is that innovation is cast as male by default and female innovators are given niche roles in innovation.
  • We will present cases from DCAs work and discuss what feministic innovation can look like and how we can shift the power in innovation through alternative concepts of participation and partnerships.

Measuring Innovation, Wednesday 22nd November, 13.15-15.15 (DK time)

  • Is measuring innovation different than from ordinary MEAL?
  •  We will look at how to measure innovation and what we need to do differently to capture innovation learnings.
  • We will discuss how we as practitioners can work more agile with learning and measuring to support stronger innovations.

Innovation Management, Thursday 23rd November, 9-10 (DK time)

  • We will look at what innovation management means and what frameworks we can lean towards.
  • We wilol explore and discuss who innovation management can support continued innovation in humanitarian organisations.

Scaling Innovation, Thursday 23rd November, 10-15.-12.15 (DK time)

  • How can we scale the innovations we have? When do we need to start thinking about scaling? Which methodology should we use?
  • We will introduce practical tips on how to strategically scale up innovative projects with good results. What elements are necessary to consider?

Case studies

Syria, “Choose your own adventure” E-book

DCA Syria teamed up with DCA Learning Lab (LLab) to develop two interactive digital tools aimed at offering psychosocial support to children in post-conflict settings: an interactive “chose your own adventure” e-book enabling children to practice healthy coping strategies and three short videos covering psychosocial topics. The project design will be tailored specifically to meet the needs of vulnerable children by including both caregivers and children to identify the most pressing needs. 

Iraq, SCLR and Community-Led Action

DCA Iraq proposed the establishment of a roving SCLR Officer position for the MENA Region, dedicated to conducting research and building the body of methodologies on SCLR. The position will be focusing on providing capacity-building in the form of training and implementation tools for SCLR projects, as well as generating new evidence of the impact of SCLR methodologies. The position will be essential in bridging the gap between SCLR practice, regional learning, and advocacy. 

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Exciting speakers will attend the sessions, have a look yourself:

Feministic Innovation:

  • Saima Ashraf, Protection Officer, DCA Syria

Measuring Innovation

  • Max Vielle, Global Director at Response Innovation Lab (RIL)
  • Kelvin Gatuha Mungai, MEAL Advisor, DCA SQM

Innovation Management

  • Markus Søbstad Bensnes, Senior Innovation Manager and Business Developer, Sopra Steria
  • Patrick Kibuku, Head of Programme, DCA Kenya
  • Karen Kisakeni Sørensen, Innovation Lead, Red Cross Denmark
  • Gitte Dyrhagen Husager, Head of Program, Advocacy and Learning (PAL) and Private Sector Engagement (PSE), DCA

Scaling Innovation

  • Linn Tomasdotter, Senior Innovation Consultant, Head of TinkR Sweden


  • Christina Dahl Jensen, Senior Innovation Advisor, DCA PAL

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