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Offset your company's CO2 footprint with a Climate Agreement

Global and social responsibility with DCA through tree planting

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Do not hesitate to reach out to Corporate Partnerships Manager Jakob Skovsgaard if you need further information or have questions about pricing.

E-mail: jask@dca.dk
Phone: +45 272 177 02

While working to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, your company can offset your CO2 footprint through a Climate Agreement with DanChurchAid.

When you enter into an Climate Agreement on CO2 compensation, you contribute to tree planting in Uganda and climate adaptation that support people whose livelihoods are jeopardised by rising temperatures and changing weather conditions.

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Climate compensation through new trees in Uganda

The trees are planted in collaboration with smallholder farmers as part of their agriculture or on forest land. The farmers receive ongoing payments for maintaining the trees and can generate additional income from products of the trees.

In addition to absorbing CO2, the trees benefit the surrounding environment, where their roots can prevent landslides and the tree crowns can provide shade for agriculture that requires it.

Kvinde smiler på en mark i Uganda
Photo by Jjumba Martin

Support to climate adaptation

When your company enters into a climate agreement with DanChurchAid, you are supporting our work with climate adaptation.

DanChurchAid support communities vulnerable towards climate change by introducing climate-resistant crops and sustainable fertiliser, establishing early warning systems as well as dykes and canals that can counteract floods that damage agricultural settlements in countries where climate change already has the potential to destroy the lives of many people.

Photo by Jjumba Martin

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What is a climate credit?

One climate credit equals 1 ton of compensated CO2. A climate credit from DCA is unique in the sense that it also contains a contribution to climate adaptation and critical disaster aid.

How are the climate credits generated?

The climate credits are generated by tree-planting through the program Trees for Global Benefits, which is administered by the Environmental Conservation Trust Fund of Uganda (ECOTRUST).

Is the project certified?

Yes. The project that generates the climate credits is certified according to the international Plan Vivo standard.

Is the project monitored by an independent third-party?

Yes. Every fifth year the tree-planting project is approved by an independent third-party organization called Rainforest Alliance.

How is the money spent?

When you enter into a Climate Agreement with DCA, 45 % of the total amount goes to CO2-compensation and 45 % to climate adaptation activities. A maximum of 10 % is allocated to administration.

How much does a Climate Agreement cost?

The price per ton CO2 is based on a market price. Contact Corporate Partnerships Manager Jakob Skovgaard at jask@dca.dk for more information.

Why are the trees planted in Uganda and not in Denmark?

DCA is a development organization and thus always seeks to create the best possible conditions for people whose livelihoods are at risk. The tree-planting project ensures continuous payments to the farmers who wish to participate.
Benefits of tree-planting in Denmark:
✔️ Climate credits
✔️ Biodiversity (sometimes)
✔️ Local

Benefits of tree-planting in Uganda:
✔️ Cheap climate credits
✔️ Biodiversity
✔️ Wildlife
✔️ Livelihoods improvement
✔️ Landscape restauration
✔️ Climate adaptation
✔️ Climate justice
✔️ Recommended by Science-Based Targets Initiative

Who can enter into a Climate Agreement?

DCA enters into Climate Agreements only with companies with documented strong ambitions for reducing their carbon footprint and who have designed their activities with the greatest possible consideration for the climate, environment and biodiversity.

Why should you enter into a Climate Agreement with DCA?

A Climate Agreement with DCA enables you to…

1. Neutralize the CO2e that cannot be reduced in the short term

2. Strengthen the company’s sustainability profile with a credible approach to the climate crisis

3. Communicate concrete results relating to the company’s sustainability efforts and contribution to vital climate adaptation initiatives

4. Gain exposure through DCA’s social media channels and joint press releases

5. Stand together with one of the most respected and trusted NGOs in Denmark

Do you have further questions about CO2 compensation?

Do not hesitate to reach out to Corporate Partnerships Manager Jakob Skovsgaard for further information and questions about pricing.

E-mail: jask@dca.dk
Phone: +45 272 177 02