DCA Celebrates 100 years of Hope and Action

2022 marks the 100th anniversary of DanChurchAid’s work to save lives, build resilient communities, and fight extreme inequality worldwide

DCA’s anniversary is a story of 100 years of hope.

DCA was born out of war and an urgent need for humanitarian action in Europe in the aftermath of World War I, where desperation swept through the continent.

Today, in a time where humanitarian action and the fight for human rights is needed more than ever, DCA is still driven by decisive action in strong cooperation with partners across sectors and continents.

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Our story in short

The story of DCA begins in 1922

In a war-torn Europe, where many looked to churches for aid. The need was therefore urgent when clergy meet in August of 1922 in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, to organize a combined effort.

Today, and with support from churches, volunteers, and institutional and private partners, DCA provides humanitarian relief aid, clears mines in many the world’s hotspots and creates lasting change through innovative, long-term development initiatives.

To piger fra flygtningelejren Camp Domiz leger med hinanden

In 2020, DanChurchAid helped 61,000 Syrians with shelter and basic necessities. Furthermore 215,000 Syrians received trauma treatment and psychosocial support.

© Jakob Dall

Massive challenges call for further action

Today the world faces massive challenges. A record-high number of people are forcibly displaced from protracted conflicts.


The global Covid-19 pandemic has pushed more than 150 million people back into extreme poverty. And ever evolving climate change increases the number of people in critical need of protection.

Alongside people who live in poverty, hunger, oppression, discrimination, war, or disaster, DCA and partners raise hope through action, we save lives, build resilient communities, and fight extreme inequality.

We will, in years to come, continue the fight for democracy
DCA’s General Secretary Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen

Køkkenhave i Naotin © Jakob Dall

From the past into action

As the first major development organisation in the world, DanChurchAid has calculated its carbon footprint for the last 100 years and takes responsibility for historical and future emissions.

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Sort hvid billede af to børn, der ligger på sække. Det ene barn sover og det andet barn græder © Folkekirkens Nødhjælp

Our History

It all started in 1922, when the leaders from 22 European national evangelical churches met. Today, ACT Alliance consists of over 135 faith-based and humanitarian organisations in over 120 countries.

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Appelsiner i Wefood butik


Almost 800 million people all over the world go hungry to bed every night. At the same time more than a third of all food produced in the world ends up in the trash. Welcome to Denmark’s first-ever surplus food supermarket.

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‘YOU ASK ME WHAT HOPE IS’ won the song competition marking DanChurchAid’s 100 year anniversary in 2022.

Listen to the instrumental version here

‘You ask me what hope it’ was recorded and arranged by Mads Granum
Mix and mastering by August Wangrenn

Who we are

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Regarding the anniversary:
Contact: 100aar@dca.dk

Senior Project Manager: Elsebeth Grummesgaard Gjesing

Senior Consultant / Head of Popular and Church Relations: Birthe Juel Christensen

Senior Consultant: Ulrich Piltoft

The 100th anniversary of DanChurchAid in Danish