First harvest of the season, reclaiming de-mined agricultural land for social economic development

Hazard to Harvest

Revitalising farming communities, reclaiming de-mined agricultural land, and nurturing sustainable agricultural practices

DanChurchAid Lebanon

The Issue

Since 2007, DanChurchAid Lebanon has been dedicated to a critical mission: clearing lands contaminated by unexploded ordnance and mines from the 2006 conflict. Our goal is to save lives and bring these once-dangerous lands back to life. In 2023, these areas are safe for farmers to use, but there’s a catch. Many communities lack the funds to invest effectively, leaving vast potential untapped.

The Project

We’re dedicated to revitalising farming communities by addressing their immediate needs and fostering long-term resilience. In two villages, we’re jumpstarting recovery for farmers, ensuring they regain their livelihoods swiftly.

Our mission extends into the future. Through training, mentoring, and networking, we’re nurturing sustainable agricultural practices. Our dual approach ensures that, while providing immediate relief, the project also lays the foundation for enduring agricultural prosperity.

The Change

Our project is a beacon of change, fostering knowledge and prosperity in farming communities. By embracing sustainable agro-ecological practices, we equip individuals with the wisdom to increase their income while reducing reliance on costly chemicals. Through sustainable practices, farmers experience a tangible boost in their livelihoods, as lower expenses translate into higher earnings.

However, we don’t stop at knowledge transfer. We believe in a collaborative approach. With farmers at the forefront, we support initiatives that directly cater to their unique needs, ensuring sustainable growth in agriculture. This community-driven change provides the help and support necessary for farmers to thrive.

The Results

Between April and November 2023, 115 farmers have been empowered through our training. Among them, 43 inspiring women and 72 dedicated men are shaping the future of agriculture. We didn’t stop there. We opened our doors to 12 mine victims, offering them a fresh start in the world of farming.

The impact of our training is clear: 100% of the farmers in 2023 strongly believe in the potential of these new sustainable farming methods. Yet, it’s not without its challenges. Approximately 40% expressed concerns about access to financial and material resources.

Our Work

Since 2007 in the South and 2010 in Mount Lebanon, DCA Lebanon has cleared over 8 km2 of land, revitalising countless families’ livelihoods. Building upon this legacy, our current project extends this mine action initiative. We’re providing farmers on cleared lands the chance for sustainable agriculture, ensuring a substantial boost in their livelihoods.

About the project

Project title: Reclaiming De-mined Agricultural Land for Social Economic Development

Project period: 1 April 2023 – 31 December 2023

Amount: 943,188 DKK

Number of people reached: 200 direct beneficiaries


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