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Procurement Manual 5th Edition

Note: This is archived material. Are you looking for the currently applicable manuals and guidelines?

This manual is applicable to projects starting from April 2016 to December 2019

General Annexes

GEN 1-2 Guidance letter to Suppliers_April2016
GEN 2-1 Declaration of Impartiality and Confidentiality_April2016
GEN 2-2 ToR Procurement Committee_April2016
GEN 4-1 Code of Conduct – without DCA logo_Aug2014
GEN 4-2 Code of Conduct – with DCA logo_Aug2014
GEN 5 Procurement Capacity Assessment_April2016
GEN 6 Market Survey Form_April2016
GEN 7-1 Template for Procurement Plan_April2016
GEN 7-2 Sample of Procurement Plan_April2016
GEN 8 Advertisement of Business Opportunities_April2016
GEN 9 Overview of the Procurement Steps_April2016
GEN 9-1 Time Tables for Procurement Procedures_April2016
GEN 9-2 Template for Procurement Process Overview_April2016
GEN 9-3 Sample of Distribution Schedule_April2016
GEN 9-4 Sample of an Overall Work Plan_April2016
GEN 10-1 Template for Prepayment Guarantee_April2016
GEN 10-2 Template for Tender Guarantee_April2016
GEN 10-3 Template for Performance Guarantee_April2016
GEN 11 Business Opportunity/Tender Notice_April2016
GEN 12 Local Open Tender Work Plan and Time Table_April2016
GEN 13 List of Suppliers/Candidates and Tender Receipt Form_April2016
GEN 14 Questions and Answers_April2016
GEN 15-1 Tender Opening Checklist_April2016
GEN 15-2 List of Participants_April2016
GEN 15-3 Tender Opening Form_April2016
GEN 16 Letter of Acceptance_April2016
GEN 17 Award Notice_April2016
GEN 18 Procurement Documentation Template_April2016
GEN 18-1 Procurement Documentation Sample_April2016
GEN 18-2 Index General Procurement File_April2016
GEN 18-3 Index Simple Procedure Procurement File_April2016
GEN 18-4 Index Negotiated Procedure Procurement File_April2016
GEN 18-5 Index Open Tender Procedure File_April2016
GEN 19 Cash Grant VS Procurement_April2016