Two years in Ukraine: Close to 600,000 people supported

DCA, in collaboration with NCA and local partners, has reached 589,670 people in Ukraine with humanitarian support in the past two years.

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In the heart of Ukraine’s ongoing conflict, DanChurchAid (DCA) and Norwegian Church Aid’s (NCA) mission has transformed over two intense years. Initially prioritizing emergency humanitarian support for refugees and internally displaced persons, the focus has shifted to winter assistance, providing legal aid, food, warm clothing, cash support to community groups, and extensive mine action efforts, examining vast areas for unexploded ordnance. As the war persists, renewed attention is placed on mental health and psychosocial support and the reconstruction of vital infrastructure.

In 2023, Ukraine saw an increase of 12,000 incidents involving armed clashes, airstrikes and other attacks compared to 2022, according to the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED). As Indiscriminate attacks on Ukrainian populated areas continue, the need for humanitarian aid after two years of war is still very much needed.

How has DCA supported Ukraine?

Humanitarian Mine Action

Assessing and surveying potentially contaminated areas and providing Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE), which enable safe returns for displaced populations near front lines.
This work has impacted the lives of 174,462 people.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Shelter

WASH interventions and winterization support is focused on infrastructure repairs such as water, heating and gas pipes and shelters for IDPs. Furthermore, providing blankets, warm clothing, and heating subsidies for shelters.
This work has impacted the lives of 276,863 people (WASH) and 34,113 people (shelter).

Humanitarian Cash Assistance

We support vulnerable, conflict-affected populations with cash transfers, which assists people living near the front line and helps develop Ukrainian civil society and local humanitarian organisations.
This work has impacted the lives of 64,393 people.

Food Security and Livelihood

This support focuses on addressing immediate food needs and long-term development.
This work has impacted the lives of 20,475 people.

Early Recovery, Social Cohesion, and Protection

We develop innovative schemes around social cohesion and protection in local Ukrainian communities, addressing some of the multitude of negative effects the war has had on Ukraine’s social and community structures.
This work has impacted the lives of 14,270 people.

Legal Aid

We provide free legal support through our partner organisation Right to Protection to conflict-affected civilians in de-occupied areas in need of crucial support for housing, social services and legal aid for victims and survivors.
This work has impacted the lives of 3,671 people.

Localisation and Capacity Building

DCA actively engages with local partners to strengthen their role as civil society actors and to implement larger humanitarian responses independently.
DCA has 9 partners and has supported 120 Ukrainian civil society and humanitarian organisations.

“I am proud to highlight the accomplishments of DCA in supporting close to 600,000 war-affected Ukrainians. Our initiatives, ranging from winterization and food packages to psychological first aid, humanitarian mine action and legal aid, reflect our dedication to not only meeting immediate humanitarian needs but also fostering resilience and community empowerment,” says Barry Jolly, Country Director, DCA/NCA Ukraine.

In the first two years of the war, DCA has supported 589,670 war-affected Ukrainians across Ukraine, including Mykolaiv, Kherson, Donetsk Oblast, Kharkiv, Bucha, Kyiv, Dnipro, Chernihiv, Sumy, Cherkasy, Uzhorod, Ternopil, Vinnytsia, Zakarpattia, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Rivne.

Which organisations do DCA support?

A cornerstone of DCA/NCA’s activities in Ukraine is to provide humanitarian relief through Ukrainian civil society and humanitarian organisations. One of them is Palyanytsya in Chernihiv:

Emergency Relief and Mine Action

In collaboration with partner organizations, DanChurchAid has been present in Ukraine since March 2022, providing both immediate emergency relief and longer-term humanitarian efforts. In close cooperation with Ukranian civil society and humanitarian organisations, DanChurchAid has supported initiatives across the country. Flexible financial support has enabled local groups to respond where needed most, adapting projects to include winter assistance, repairs to local water, heating, and energy supplies, as well as shelter for internally displaced persons.

“Our work in Ukraine extends beyond conventional aid, with a strong emphasis on raising awareness about the dangers of landmines and unexploded ordnance. Through innovative campaigns, we strive to educate and protect children and adults alike, contributing to the safety and well-being of communities affected by conflict,” states Barry Jolly, Country Director, DCA/NCA Ukraine.

Extensive awareness campaigns on landmines and unexploded ordnance have reached thousands of Ukrainians, especially aiding children, and youth in navigating safely in areas affected by conflict. Those who have lost homes, family members, jobs, and income receive legal support to access legal aid and essential social services. Vulnerable populations receive monthly cash assistance, and individuals receive financial support for heating their homes during the winter to accommodate internally displaced persons.

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83-year-old Yevheniya lost everything

Many Ukrainians have lost IDs and other documents during the war and cannot access basic services or compensation.
Yevheniya is living only 30 kilometers from the frontline with significant damages to her house through the cold winter. She is being support by DCA/NCA’s partner Right to Protection.

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Increased Efforts in 2024

Moving forward DCA/NCA is focused on increasing all efforts in Ukraine. Having leaped from 6 partner organisations and 27 supported organisations in the first year of the war, DCA/NCA is now working with 9 partner organisations and has supported the work of 120 Ukrainian humanitarian organisations.

In the ongoing efforts to support the people of Ukraine, DCA/NCA remains steadfast in its commitment to providing tailored and timely emergency initiatives. Our focus on collaborating with Ukrainian partners ensures that we address the unique needs of each community, making a meaningful impact in the lives of those affected by the conflict
Barry Jolly, Country Director, DCA/NCA Ukraine

A particular important leap for DCA and NCA in 2024 is the signing of the joint country programme. Combining the experience, professionalism, and capacity of DCA and NCA will ensure an even bigger provision of aid and support to Ukrainians.

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Emergency WASH, winterization and protection assistance

NCA and DCA have been working closely together since 2022 on rebuilding and improving critical infrastructure in Ukraine.
Protection activities have played a vital role in the rebuilding process. These activities will expand as DCA and NCA have signed a joint country programme for three years starting 2024.

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“Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, the joint country programme between DCA and NCA marks a significant leap in our ability to deliver impactful humanitarian aid to the resilient people of Ukraine. By combining our strengths, we aim to enhance the scale and effectiveness of our initiatives, ensuring a positive and lasting impact on the lives of those affected by the ongoing war, while fostering sustainable solutions for their well-being,” says Barry Jolly, Country Director, DCA/NCA Ukraine.

Additionally, DCA/NCA will continue its work in providing legal assistance to internally displaced persons and people affected by war, as well as contributing to the reconstruction of Ukraine, raising awareness about mines and unexploded ordnance, and advancing its humanitarian mine action program to ensure the safe return of refugees and internally displaced persons to their homes in Ukraine.

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Andrii returned to a bombed house

“I returned to my house after over a year, and it was in ruins. Even so, I still hope to rebuild my house and life in Myrne,” he says.
DCA Ukraine is expanding its Mine Action program.

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Distribution of blankets and food

DCA has supported 120 Ukrainian civil society and humanitarian organisations. Ukrainian organisations are often best, when it comes to knowing the needs – whether it is by giving a food, blankets, or even a teddy bear.

About local partnerships
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Emergency relief after Kakhova flooding

Following the flooding in Kherson Oblast in June 2023, DCA mobilised resources to support the people, who lost everything in the flooding. One of them is 68-year-old Oleksandr, who is standing in what is left of his kitchen.

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